Cum eating instruction is a pretty edgy but very common in cuckold phone sex

Cum eating and cuckold have to be one of my biggest fetishes. I took advantage of a really sweet guy once. Jamie was as sweet as they come and would literally do anything for me. Do you see where I’m going with this? How far can I push someone who has a huge crush on me?

I promise it wasn’t even like I didn’t like Jamie, I just thought it would be fun if I could turn him into a cum eating slut just to have a dip into me. Was I worth sucking a cock?

I once of my best friends come over one night, his name was Adam. Nice stalky chocolate man packing a massive cock. Adam was bi and especially loved little white wimpy guys he could manhandle. I gave him the skinny about testing Jamie.

Jamie came over later that night and was familiar with Adam. Somehow Adam stirred the conversation toward doing insane things to hook up with men he crushed on. Jamie confessed he would do anything for a chance to hook up with me after he had a few beers.

“Have you tried cum eating Jamie? I find it so sexy when guy has no limits” I said

“Really? Do you find that hot? I’m not gay though you know that right?” Jamie said. “I dare you to suck off Jamie. If you do, I’ll let you fuck me!” I said. “It’s not that bad man, I promise you’ll enjoy it” said Adam.

Jamie mulled it over and then took a long hard look at me, he would be crazy to pass it up, and I was a bitch for giving him no other options. Sure enough, Jamie tossed up his hands and said he would try. Adam pulled his big thick cock out and waited for Jamie to begin.

Jamie closed his eyes and started to suck off the growing cock. This shit is what cuckold phone sex is made of!

Jamie seemed to take the now throbbing cock to task. His lips wrapped around the head and sucked as he jerked the shaft off.  Adam gave the tap on Jamie’s shoulder to warn him he was about to cum. Every drop was swallowed, Jamie ever sucked a few seconds past Adam’s orgasm to be sure he got every drop out.

Jamie wiped his mouth clean and pointed a finger towards my bedroom door. What can I say? I was all about giving him his promised reward!

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