Cum eating is an art form which can’t be learned.  Accordingly, one must develop a taste for that sweet/salty nectar of the Gods.  I’m just saying it’s an acquired taste, but once you’ve got it, you’re HOOKED!  I found my devotion to it one day after working out at the gym.  I saw him for the millionth time, but today, my eyes fell southward! DAMN!  It looked like he was hiding a small family of refugees in his fucking PANTS!  For now, it’s a mental note.

After hitting the showers, I came out to find a nearly empty gym.  It was after 2 AM and gym rats, like me, just never quit. One of the few was Mr. B.I.G. and he saw me too.  As a rule, I don’t fuck where I work out. But, there’s an exception to every rule, right?

The next step had already begun.

My cum eating victim had no clue, but I’d already honed in on him like prey.  Now, ordinarily, I’m used to being stalked, not so much the stalker.  In short, I like a man who loves the hunt.  Still, a little change of pace never hurts…mostly. Haha.

The girls and I had already pow-wowed about that monster taking up real estate in Mr. BIG’s pants!  He saw us chatting and giggling so, he walked over.  That walk was like slow-motion.  I counted in my head (and in my panties!) the pendulous sway of that monster…15 swings before he got to us.  He stood stock still and away it continued. Whoa!

Lock the doors. A party’s gonna start.

B.I.G. took a look around, obviously catching on that he was the last man standing at the gym.  He gave a wry grin and immediately slid his thumbs into the band of his workout shorts.  They slid down with some effort to get over the bulge.  In any event, down they came with a thud onto the floor.  Our eyes, as if in unison, traveled from the floor up…slowly.  To the left, I caught all the girls giving one big sigh of admiration, but it was flavored with just enough fear to make Mr. BIG flip that dick up to hit his own belly before it went straight out in front of him again.  Then, another sigh from all of us.

Generally speaking, it was a work of art, and for now, we had no idea how much it could shoot!  Cum eating was never so fucking enjoyable.  We sucked him together and separately, but we all taste his slippery nectar. I tongued his balls while slipping a finger into his ass as I tapped his stiffening prostate until my forehead was covered with pre-cum.

Let it rain. Let it pour!

I showed those other bitches how to handle a giant cock like his. With this in mind, cum eating was just the beginning.  They all backed off like parting for a great dancer.  I guess it is art-like the way my serpentine tongue glides along his member; flicking left, then right, then twirling up to the little hole on top and slurping pre-cum.  My finger drove further inside his warm hole. In addition, I stuffed all 11-inches down my hungry throat while gagging, but I didn’t relinquish a single INCH!  Just the way he liked it. I could feel it!

He caressed my long mane coupled with and steady thrust down past my tonsils. and then came the flood. Oh, but not just any flood! This was a wave of sweet and salty jizz meant to coat my belly on the inside.  Simultaneously, all the women moved forward as one to lick and suck the corners of my mouth for any remnants I might have missed.

Oh, how little they know about me.

While Biggie shot load after load of that thick cum, I depressed the back of my throat to accept it ALL!  I out-sucked them all to Mr. BIG’S admiration.  He’d seen that hunger in me and he had been waiting for me to make my move.  Usually, I don’t jump just because some big-dicked man comes by. He’s something special indeed. I didn’t forget about the work these girls were willing to put in.  I shared a bit of the wealth.

Comparatively, they were pretty good little cum eating whores.  Although, no one is a hungrier cum drinker than me.  As an illustration to the girls, I gulped like a hungry calf at her mother’s teet.  There wasn’t a single drop left for the groupies after that last rope hit the back of my throat. They now knew they needed to fight to be fed!  In conclusion, Mr. BIG knows where to cum when he’s rock hard and throbbing. You will too.  Let’s get it all on film? As an example to chicks who THINK they can out-drink ME! Look.  It’s not like I’m doing a Kim Kardashian Sex Tape for God’s sake! lol

We can do it any way you desire. Every way others have said no to. I even do cell phone sex! Cum on and give your life an UPGRADE with me! GULP!

cum eating