The Kim Kardashian Sex Tape didn’t catch me at all off-guard!  We’ve been fast friends almost from the minute I hit California some years ago.  So, when I met Ray-J at a strip club, he wanted a party with me and Kim.  Who wouldn’t want 2 hot babes together at a private party?  But, I’d never heard of him and he was short so…

Though, something about his swag made me say yes; Kim’s eyes were all lit up with anticipation.  From the minute we got to his house in the Hills, those two were all over the place like they were in heat!  And in light of the fact that they didn’t show the smallest bit of modesty in front of me; I pulled out my phone and started filming!

Now, she’s my girl and I respect her.  But, who could turn that kind of opportunity down? Not me!  That ass of hers is FAR larger than it looks on t.v.  And Ray wasn’t lacking in the cock department either.  I mean, I could HEAR every smack of that ass and his balls looked like they should be in Cirque de Soleil!  Her ass cheeks quivered like an earthquake was happening JUST for them…and me too. Giggle

She migrated south and started cork-screwing his dick with BOTH of her hands while deep-throating him every few seconds.  Then, she gave those swollen black balls a good swabbing down that made him moan like he was in pain. But, it was all too clear that the moans where all from a place of pleasure!  PURE pleasure.

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape for SALE!

And she loved giving him the business.  At one point the room got so steamed that my phone was misting up.  But, I kept pace with the young lovers who gave no thought to me and my camera.  Thank you, GOD!  I was gonna get rich on this tape!  Look at the snippet!  You can almost HEAR her begging while he tapped that ass!

Celeb Sex Stories have since beCUM a side gig for me and I’ve got all the top whores.  Check back with me for “Lil Wayne’s” and some others that are sure to give you a boner!  Anyway, back to Kim and Ray.  Damn their ’69 made me want to make it a 70!  But, then who would hold the camera?  And I did hold it, even when she slobbed his knob until he spurt out more cum than any man should EVER have!

What Kim didn’t know until reading this blog right now, is that I sucked Ray clean as she toddled off to the showers and I sucked him better than SHE did.  We’ve already covered women never getting enough of big black cock!

Well, If you fancy yourself a fan of Taboo Phone Sex, call me.  You have NO IDEA what you don’t know about Taboo!  But, I’m gonna give it to you like Kim can’t! Stay tuned for more with your Dirty Doll! LOL.