Cum eating addict: The untold stories of a true cum lover

There are many different fetishes, many different kinks but how many have you ever been exposed to? How many have you witnessed with your own eyes having someone else show you? What about the ones that you are intrigued by but never took a dive into that water. Well, let’s see if you can relate to a cum eating addict.

If you ask me what is my favorite food or my favorite drink, I would assume you meant actual food and beverages. Of course, my favorite may change on a regular basis just because I like different things, but I would give you that normal boring response with actual food or drinks.

Now if you’re as naughty as I am, and our minds are in the gutter, my response to that question would be cum, without hesitation.

When people hear the word addict, they usually assume it’s something to do with drugs or alcohol, but in all actuality, we are all some sort of addict and it doesn’t necessarily mean drugs or alcohol. For example, I am a true cum lover! A cum eating addict. I just love cum. Being a cum eating addict isn’t really a bad thing.

Wouldn’t you love a girlfriend who was a cum eating addict? Who wouldn’t want that? Seriously, a girlfriend who wakes up in the morning sucking you hard and swallowing your cum. When you come home from work she greets you at the door on her knees, mouth open, and waiting for you to slide your cock in her mouth and fill it with cum.

How could anyone seriously see this as a problem?

I dated this guy for a while before we have had sex. We had only kissed until this point. Finally, I accepted his invitation to spend a weekend with him and that’s when it happened. That night once we wound down and got in bed he could tell there was something in mind. I didn’t say anything for a while but finally, he couldn’t take it anymore begged me to tell him what was wrong. He didn’t know what was on my mind and he thought he was making me uncomfortable. Of course, I didn’t want him to feel that way, so I had to tell him. I want to taste you so bad and it’s driving me crazy!

Before I knew it, I had just blurted it out and he had the most surprised look on his face! There was a short moment of silence and then I apologized for being so blunt. He looked at me and kissed me and told me he had been dying to taste me too. Of course, we were both instantly turned on and I couldn’t control myself any longer. I started ripping his clothes off as he did mine. I went from laying next to him to crawling between his legs and as soon as I was about to slide his cock in my mouth, he grabbed me. He flipped me over upside down putting my pussy on his mouth and my mouth on his cock.

It was so intense and I was loving every second of it, as was he.

It didn’t take long before we both came into each other’s mouths. After I swallowed the last drop of his cum I held his cock in my mouth swirling my tongue around the tip. I wanted to make him hard again and give me more cum. I could tell his body was tingling all over and he finally grabbed me by my hair and pulled me off of his cock. He smiled and asked me if I wanted more. I told him that I had a confession to make. I told him that I was a cum eating addict and I want it all the time. He thought I was joking. until I went back down and started sucking for more.

You can probably guess that he never wanted to leave my side from that moment forward. Even after time went by and I got bored with him, even after I broke up with him, he still made it clear that he wanted me. Can you guess why?

Yes, I enjoy being a cum eating addict and I would love to hear about your kinky sex addictions as well! Give me a call! Let’s have naughty phone sex share your secrets!