Cum eating is more common than you think. Tell me you’ve never thought about “Why do woman like to swallow cum?” or “I wonder what it tastes like?” In my opinion, cum eating is an acquired taste. Like everything – You won’t know til you try it!

Time to experience an afternoon of CEI – Cum Eating Instruction with me. Are you up for some JOI – Jerk off Instruction that will eventually lead to you finally lick and tasting your cum? Trust me – it’s not for everyone.So I won’t force you to do it (Wicked LiLLaugh) Maybe you might need that little push. You never know where it might lead. Imagine all the naughty fetishes and fantasies we can talk about, as I push you to the edge. Before you cum, you will agree to do anything and everything to fulfill your needs. So be prepared!

There’s no doubt, I will rock your world and push your limits, as I tease you and tempt you. Ready? Maybe you are interested in a little guided masturbation combined with JOI and Edging? I would love for you to stroke it for me nice and slow. This is the perfect lead up to cum eating instruction for some guys. You want it so bad. You can almost taste it. Your dick is so hard and it’s ready to explode.

There are so many different ways you can explore the cum eating adventure. Maybe you are into the cuckold fantasy?  We can talk about your girlfriend or wife, as you fantasize about watching her getting fucked by BBC. Have you ever thought of licking cream pie pussy? Imagine this – fucking your girlfriend and blowing your load deep in your pussy.  Waiting – I’m getting there. Do you want to BLOW her mind? Go down on her and finish her off with oral sex!!!  Her body will tremor with pure excitement.  Or we can even explore the perfect Happy Ending – a blowjob with snowballing.  This is a sensuous kiss you as I slip the cum deep into your mouth!!!

Cum eating isn’t so bad. You just need to keep an open mind!

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Let me guide you in a direction you never imagined! My sultry voice will capture you and keep you coming back for more.  No worries I will make it as pleasurable as possible.  Remember it’s ALL about pushing outside your comfort zone!  Let’s explore your fetish together.  The opportunities are endless. Let me trigger your inner XXX pleasures. Always remember – Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination. Call me and Let’s cum together. I’m waiting for you now.

Cum Eating with Raven

Kiss Kiss