Cum Dumpster Confessions. Some Girls Never Get Enough!

What follows is my cum dumpster confessions, from a real cum dumpster! I received the call from a certain Mr. BIG and had to tell his tale! Standing at his front door, I felt a specific… tingle as I rang the doorbell. I had been talking to him for a while but, I had only seen “the BEAST” in pictures. They say a camera adds ten pounds, however, I was pretty sure this time that camera may have underestimated it! He was HUGE, and my mouth literally WATERED at the sight. Yum. Give me that DICK!

So, he answered the door and just stood there in all his eleven-inch deliciousness. No smile, and every spoken word he uttered virtually oozed from him, “Joey? Come in. I’ve been edging this fucker for three days.” Clearly, he was ready to eXXXplode. No doubt, this is where my cum dumpster confessions services were needed most. He barely closed the door when I dropped to my knees and wrapped my warm hands around his dick.

How About THIS for Cum Dumpster Confessions

Yes. You read right. It took BOTH of my hands to encircle his beast! So, I wrapped them around as tightly as I could and began to feast on his fat head. Oh, worry not! I don’t leave those huge juicy balls alone. They sat there tight and high like ornaments, and his DICK was the yummy tree! And the best part of my cum dumpster confessions was his gentle nature.

He didn’t want to hurt me. Yeah, he pushed that fucker as far down my throat as he could fit it. But, even though he pushed the limits of what any woman could handle, he always looked at me with a shit-eating GRIN! He was a grateful receiver. And, that’s exactly why I’m telling you all of this. It’s my way of giving back. Well, giving MORE than I already do. LOL.

What Makes Me Do These Cum Dumpster Confessions?

Mostly, it’s because I’m a greedy little licker. For the time, his balls, dick, and asshole are mine for the pleasing. Don’t get me wrong, I get wetter than an otter’s pocket if you know what I mean. So, THAT was just my pussy and he had no real interest in being inside me. But, it’s all about the dick for him. Hell, you’ve GOT to love a man who knows exactly what he wants.

In the same way, he brought me in, I took him down, slowly, and then at a faster pace. Moreover, in his silence, I heard small mutters of, “Deeper, Joey, deeper!” And I eagerly complied gagging and gasping for air, and choking, but never relenting! Lots of my American friends tell me that blowjobs are relegated to “special occasions” like holidays, birthdays, promotions at work…

Can I Tell You? My Cum Dumpster Confessions have No Special Timing!

But, I’m such a happy little sucker that trash day could easily be a special occasion with me! I might wake you in the middle of the night; waking you from a sound sleep with your dick in my mouth. That’s how much I love it! So, if you’re in need of a deep, loving suck job… You need ME!  I’ll guide you in how to have phone sex. First of all, you can’t do better than a woman who needs it, probably as much as YOU do. Not so surprisingly, I love it so much I can do it all day and night!

Can’t believe your luck in finding me? No! Instead, I found YOU! Haha.

Kiss, kiss.

JustJoeySelf Lubricating Humanoid Fuck Doll