“Someone give this cum dump what she needs.”

A younger lad stepped forward, rubbing his balls over her face, stuffing his meat into her like a sex toy. Several more men stepped forwards, wanking hard and fast now, knowing they were about to cum.

The area around us was now filled with men. Cocks out, rubbing against her slut skin, drawing pre-cum trails on her body. My slut’s senses were filled with cock. The cock filling her mouth, making her choke. The huge cock pounding her pussy. And those in her hands, hot and raw, ready to spew hot cum over her tits. With a guttural cry, the big guy fucking her pulled out. Leaving her cunt gaping open. And wanked his jerking cock over her belly, ropes of cum pouring out of his fat dick.

“Yeah cum all over the slut,”

rang the cries, another man jumping in to fill her wanton cunt. Her body now shook with constant orgasms, excitement building, and building. Every sense overtaken with lust. Her orgasm wracked her. The total degradation of the chanting sweating men, rubbing their cocks over her, filling her holes. Making her nastier and dirtier.

“Fuck me, fuck me!”

she panted, wanting more, wanting to be used and pushed past her limits. My own lust was driving me crazy. The cum boiling in my balls, needing release. I spat down on her filthy body. Slapping her breasts hard, pinching to leave red marks. Others took their cues. Calling her a whore, telling her how they would fuck her arse, rip her open. The man fucking her face pulled out this time.

Spilling cum over her face,

Coating her lips and chin with his thick seed. I rushed forward to scoop up the spunk, pushing my slimy fingers into her mouth. Pushing them deep down inside, making her eat every drop.

Another cock pushed to her face. And I let it enter her, watching the new sex-crazed man slap her face as he roughly used her. Holding his hands around her throat to feel his cock head invade her throat. Marveling at her deep throat abilities.

 She thrashed in her chair,

legs pulling vainly against her shackles. As the guy fucking her had pulled his cock from her cunt. Only to ram it into her prepared stretched arse. He fucked her hot forbidden hole ruthlessly, filling her backside to its limits. Other men stepped forwards, no longer to hold back anymore. Standing on tiptoes as their orgasms ran through their bodies, tightening the muscles as the ripples ran through them.

The amount of cum that started to shoot over her body was like my slut was being pissed over. I lost count as I myself added to the jism covering her. My hands rubbing all the cum into her tits, and up her throat. Rubbing cum covered hands all over her face, smearing her features with the dirty mess. The crazed man fucking her arse now swapped back and forth. A couple of rough strokes in her arse, then several deep into her red raw pussy. As he got close to cumming, many hands, led by mine, pulled her legs up. Opening her arse up as far as we could, revealing her red sensitive insides.

“Cum in her arse, fill her up!”

I urged, knowing she loved having cum fill every hole. The men left around her slapped, pinched and spat on her nasty body. Now covered in all our fluids. I could tell she was Cumming again hard. Silently screwing her face up as she felt the final man cum into her gaping arse. Spewing his hot cum in ribbons over and into her bowls. She was going to have Dirty panties for days.

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