This Kitten either is in Dirty panties or no panties because my Gentle Dom likes to keep me edging as a punishment.

I know it seems insignificant to most but I am a cum whore and LOVE my naughty sexy underwear. On a normal day, I work at the kinkiest phone sex company, PhoneSexKingdom. I will get aroused with, from my clients. I will cum with my clients during our calls so my panties get damp, LOL, while I have them on before I can clean up my cum. That is pure pleasure.

My owner though has a monstrous mean streak. He will punish me by keeping me edging. If he is not close he will do it with mind games. when he is with me he will do things like use a leather strap to pop my pussy. He will spank me gently with a flail while I give him a blow job or similar things. When he arouses me that way no matter how many times I cum, If I do not orgasm from him, my body stays aroused, weeping and leaking hot cunt juices.

Oh, how lucky am I. My owner has never once left a mark on my skin. Even with our impact play, it is not for pain, simply to heighten awareness. His punishments are to bring my body pleasure while denying me orgasm for hour after hour. Which of course causes me to either wear dirty panties or no panties. My pussy will crave being touched with lips, tounges, fingers. Lord, I need a hard cock ravaging my cunt to ease the ache if only for a few moments.

I try to be a good kitten. I do everything I know will please him. As long as he does not ignore or neglect me… That’s when I get all mischievous and naughty, earning my punishments.

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