Cum Covered Red Velvet Cake

Cum covered desserts are my favorite. Yes, it’s mostly because I am a good little slut and love cum. I also do enjoy baking. I guess you can say that is a hobby of mine. That is why when I heard that my college was hosting a baking competition I knew I had to sign up.

It was the day of the competition and I had been prepping to bake. Once I got all the ingredients down and started the actual process while Daddy got home. I needed him for the most important part of the recipe. While the cake was cooling off Daddy arrived. Immediately him and I started kissing very passionately. His cock grew hard in his pants while he squeezed my bubble butt. Even though I want it his cock, my main concern was to milk his cock right into my mixing bowl.

Daddy bent me over the kitchen table and pushed his hard dick inside me. He started pumping hard. I felt his big full balls bounce off of my clitty. After awhile, I grabbed my bowl. I got on my knees and collected ever drop of backed up cum from Daddy’s cock. Daddy’s cum was delicious. I added a bit of powdered sugar to make it even more yummy and smothered it on that moist red velvet cake.

When I arrived at the competition the cakes category was about to be tasted. I plated my slices of cake and delivered them to the judges. They criticized the simple presentation but once they had a taste of it, it was game over. After seeing them try about ten slices of cake. I ended up winning third place. When a judge asked me for my glaze recipe, I told him it was Daddy’s secret!


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