I should never be left alone in a room with two guys; I just get up to no good. I had been hanging out with some of my girlfriends when one of them got a text from a friend asking if they wanted to hang out. We went over and hung out for a while, drinking and having fun. As the night wore on people started leaving and eventually it was just me and two guys.

We were sitting on the couch, getting to know each other. Their names were Derrick and Kyle and they’d recently graduated from college. I told them that all I learned at college was taught to me by the fraternity boys. I really liked their lessons. Derrick asked what my favourite lesson had been and I told him it was how much I loved cum. He asked how much I loved it and I said I’d drink it straight from the dick every day if I could. “What about bathing in it?” Kyle asked while grinning wickedly at me. I told him there’s nothing better than being covered in cum and reached over to his lap.

I undid his jeans and slid my fingers in. He was hard and throbbing. I pulled out his dick and began stroking it slowly. He stopped me when I began to move faster. He told me to get naked so I did. I stood there naked and let them get a good look at me. I went to touch Derrick again but he pushed me down on the ground. He straddled me and stroked himself while I lay under him. My pussy was throbbing and I reached down, eager to touch myself. He smacked my hand away and continued pumping. I looked over and saw Kyle on the couch. He had his jeans undone and was jerking himself off. I heard Derrick groan and turned my attention back to him. He tensed up and hot cum splattered across my stomach. He got off me and went back to the couch. I propped myself up on my elbows and told Kyle it was his turn.

He got up and came over to me. He parted my legs roughly and shoved himself inside in one fast movement. He fucked me hard and fast. It felt great to finally have a dick in me and I wrapped my legs around his waist, pushing him deeper inside. I told him to fuck me like a little whore and he pinned my arms to the ground as he fucked me. I came loudly. I felt him pull out of me and he pulled me to my knees. He stood in front of me and stroked his cock a few times. Cum splattered across my mouth and cheeks. It dripped down my face as my pussy juices ran down my thighs. I knelt there all sticky, enjoying the feeling.
I asked when they were going to have another get together and they told me next weekend. I suggested it should be boy’s only with me as the entertainment.


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