This was going to be a night to remember for sure. There was a new guy in my neighborhood that I had been talking to since he moved in. I can’t help myself when I hot new guy from out of town moves in I become a cum addicted babysitter slut!

I was going for my normal morning jog when I saw him standing outside like he was waiting for me. Obviously, I stopped to say hi. He then started to ask if I would house sit and feed his dog for him he would be gone tonight. I said yes of course but totally had other things on my mind. 

When I came over after he had left I walked into the front room to see Surge the dog a huge greyhound His head was the size of my ass. His tale begins wagging so much as he jumped right on top of me. I couldn’t help myself I started to let him kiss me.

Cum Addicted Babysitter

Before I knew it I was taking my skirt off and panties. He went right to my pussy lips. His tongue is so soft and warm. It felt amazing brushing against my pussy lips. I reached down and started touching his big furry balls. They were so smooth and swollen. 

Leaning right down I started licking those furry balls. Fitting them both in my mouth I started twirling them around. He let off a huge dog moan. This dog could make moans while feeling pleasure. This was going to be even more fun now. This cum addicted babysitter gets so naughty.

Now on my knees, I started to suck his little red rocket that started to pop out. I rolled my tongue around this greyhound’s cock. It begins to start coming out. I loved watching the red rocket pop out and have a little bit of their sticky dog cum dripping out. 

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Bending over on the floor rug. I made Surge jump on my back. He started to dig his nails into my back as I grabbed his dog cock and teased my pussy lips. I could feel this cock throbbing so much. The surge couldn’t wait any longer he pushed deep into my pussy. I started to moan louder and move my hips back to him. He was pumping so fast and moaning so loud now. We didn’t hear the front door open. 

When I looked up I saw the guy I was wanting so bad for days now watching me get fucked hard by his dog. His eyes were huge like had never thought about this. He then started getting undressed and came right over.   Then he moved his dog and said ” Let a real man fuck you now!” He rammed his cock deep in me. I screamed out with pleasure as he fucked me deep and hard. 

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