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Cuckolds were always a huge turn-on for me, and I found out, my husband has fantasized about it, too.  I snuck into his porn account and found that he was only watching cuckold creampie videos.  Deciding not to approach him about it.  Decided instead to be kinky cuckold wife and find a nice, juicy cock for us to play with!  I had a friend, Bobby who was always going on about his sexual escapades outside of work. I approached him about turning my husband into a little cuck for the night and he was elated to join in! So – I told Bobby to come to my house about an hour before my husband came home.  

Bobby came over while my husband was out golfing.  He had an awe-inducing 9 in. of cock. I was excited to be able to ride that dick all night. He reached over and start rubbing my cute little pussy and when his fingers worked their way into me, he was shocked by how tight I was.  He laughed and said that he could tell my husband had a tiny cock. My pussy instantly got wet and I climbed onto his lap in my husband’s chair in the living room and started working all of that giant cock into me.

Hubby comes home…

I was just starting to really ride his cock when I heard my husband’s car pulling into the garage.  The idea that this was really happening made my pussy explode all over Bobby’s cock. I started moaning louder when my husband came in, just so he would hear me getting fucked. I was so excited to turn him into another one of those cuckolds.

My husband started calling my name when he walked into the kitchen.  I started groaning louder and bouncing on Bobby’s cock harder.  He walked in and I came hard on Bobby’s huge cock just seeing the surprise on his face! I kept riding Bobby’s cock while he asked what I was doing and why I was doing this to him.  Laughing,  I told him I saw the porn on his computer. I knew he wanted to be one of those little cuckolds. He really should thank Bobby for coming over to fuck me on such short notice.

Hubby gets to work!

I made my husband get down on his knees and lick up Bobby’s cock and around my pussy while I was riding his big dick.  I told him that he could never stretch me out like Bobby did. So I watched my pussy juice splash onto my husband’s face as I came all over Bobby’s cock. On my command, my husband spread my pussy open so Bobby could fuck me from behind and Bobby pushed his head down to watch my pussy stretch around his cock.   Bobby started fucking me faster and my pussy was exploding all over his cock. My husband was so turned on!  He could barely contain his excitement. 

Soon, Bobby blew deep into my pussy and pulled his cock out slow so my husband could watch my pussy drip with Bobby’s cum.  I rolled over, and laid with my legs spread on the couch and made my husband lick every drop of Bobby’s cum out of my pussy.  I made him tongue-fuck my loose little hole and clean me out completely. Then, being the good wife I am, I let my husband fuck me.

A well-stretched pussy!

I let him put his tiny dick in me so he could see how well bobby stretched me out and feel how wet and swollen I was from getting my pummeled by such a ginormous dick!  Even with my pussy as stretched as it was, I could still feel how hard my husband’s cock throbbed when his cum blasted to the back of my pussy. I wasn’t sure how my husband would take this, but he was one of the best cuckolds I had ever seen, and I was excited to make him my little bitch again, soon!!


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