Cuckolding Wife

This is not exactly the normal Cuckolding Wife sex story. First Dawn and I are life partners, closer than any married couple I know but not married. She is also my submissive sex kitten and mistress of our harem. I love my life with her. She almost always puts my happiness above all. Occasionally, though she will get excited or just busy and start to slightly ignore me, neglect my needs.

That can not be allowed.

So that is why I held Faith’s head firmly, holding her still. Feeling her throat muscles working the top couple inches of my cock as she struggled. Her tiny hands were pressing on my thighs trying to escape the hold which made her choke on my cock.

Then looking over I could see the lust in Dawn’s eyes. See her squirming in the chair beside the bed. When Dawn and I had met Faith at a karaoke night in a bar. Her naughty shy grin caught Dawn’s eye. They danced one dance and the sparks that flew between them caught fire over the next few days. Faith became the newest member of Dawn’s harem.

Sometimes the heat of lust becomes an all-consuming firestorm. Dawn fell fast for this mischievous pixie woman child. And Faith fell just as fast and hard. Normally I would love an addition to our harem. The harem I am master of. But this new minx of ours had Dawn so enchanted that Dawn was neglectful of my needs.  I had to punish both my kittenish Dawn and pixie Faith.

My favorite punishment is forced orgasms.

Though I love to throatpie Dawn. I released Faith’s head, allowing her to pull off my cock and breathe. Staring at Dawn’s face. I could see the desperate need in Dawn’s eyes as she licked her lips, and wiggled in the chair as if she were sitting on fire. Then I said to Faith

“Turn around, Face down, Ass up, arch the back”

slapping her ass as she assumed the position. Dawn could only watch as I positioned Faith’s thighs and knees exactly how I wanted. I wanted to make sure that Dawn could see every stroke as my cock thrust in and out Faith’s enflamed tight wet pussy.

Let Dawn see my precum drip to the sheet, see my cock glisten with Faith’s cunt juices. I knew that the worst punishment possible for my sex kitten is to be made to sit and watch. Not allowed to join us or to touch herself, giving herself relief.

When Faith bucked back against me with a fury, riding me for her pleasure. I slowed my thrusts as Faith orgasmed again. Her pussy squeezing and spasming my entire cock. Trying to milk my seed deep into her fertile womb. Dawn whimpering as I groaned,

“Oh God” with an almost roar volume.

Then looking down at the tiny ass in my hands, seeing that little rosebud, I had to feel it. Slipping my thumb along my cock gathering juices to lube the way I eased my thumb in that tiny perfect ass.

I knew I was so close to cumming myself. But I could not stop. Faith felt so good as I held her hip with one hand, my thumb is her ass. Guiding her in the rhythm that felt best to me.

Then I pushed down on her lower back making her arms collapse. Nipple to knees her pussy got even tighter, I thrust harder, feeling my orgasm building. Faith sounded almost in pain as she continued to orgasm one after another. I felt a sudden gush on my thigh. It took a moment to realize she had squirted.

I heard a whimper of pain and need from my side.

Then turning my head I saw Dawn, I pulled out of Faith. Giving myself a moment to regain control, and for Dawn to see everything.

Faith’s pussy is so swollen and dripping cum onto the bed. My cock and ball sack covered in Faith’s cum, jumping as it throbbed. And precum leaked in a steady stream for a couple of moments. I kept my thumb gently fucking Faith’s ass as I watched Dawn’s face, I asked her

“Do you see how it feels to be neglected”

Then her eyes jumped to my face. Tears were welled up in her eyes. That’s when Dawn started to apologize again. Asking to please be allowed to get out of punishment. I looked back at Faith’s ass which was still slightly twerking on empty air as her orgasm rolled on. Taking my cock in hand, forcing it down I thrust into Faith’s pussy again.

She let out a small scream as I…

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cuckolding wife
cuckolding wife