Well technically I am not sure what I do is cuckolding because the drummer is NOT my Boyfriend or husband. But I do treat him pretty bad. And he takes it from me. Why do I treat him so badly?


I mean, he is the drummer. I personally like to fuck guys who are front and center. Dudes who have good hair, tight bodies, and big dicks. This guy is going bald, skinny as fuck and his dick is not so big. So I let him follow me around, like a dog on a leash. I let him buy me things. Pay my bills. He goes out for an endless supply of drugs, cigarettes, condoms- whatever I need.

Sometimes I will fuck the lead guitarist in the band’s van while my poor loser drummer loads his heavy equipment into it. He has to wait till we are done fucking like animals. I  make my poor pathetic drummer boy watch. See what a nice big hard dick looks like sliding in and out of my wet pussy?

I will make him clean out my dirty pussy after a good bang. Haha, sometimes there is another guy’s cum still inside me. I laugh when I tell him he is eating another guy’s cum.

What can I say? He gets off when I treat him badly. Sometimes I let him jerk off in front of me. I will never tell him, but it kind of turns me on knowing he adores me. So I can piss on him and he will come back for more.

I love my pathetic loser dirty dog drummer boy.

Do you want to be one of my pathetic losers? Call me and let me treat you bad.


Available weekends and when I feel like it