Cuckolding With Love: An Introduction to Submission.

Cuckolding doesn’t always have to be cruel. Dear Perverts, what an exquisite arrangement to be loved so tenderly by the man I betray.

Here’s the news: I finally told my boyfriend about my little habit.

The surprise for me is that he didn’t freak out and break up with me. He wanted to know more.

“How long have you been cheating on me?”

I thought this was sure to upset him because the answer is harsh. I told him I had been fucking around with other guys the entire time we’ve been together, two and a half years. He was stone-faced, didn’t seem angry.

“Who have you been with?”

He wanted to know if he knew any of the guys I fucked. Well, he definitely knows his best friend. He was surprised at the handful of married guys he knows who fell prey to my sexual appetite. There were a few he didn’t know at all. But generally speaking, my stable wasn’t full of strange – it was mostly guys who knew exactly what they were doing and Mike had no idea. A lot of people knew, just not him.

“When has this been happening?”

This was the hardest question to answer. He didn’t know that I had been cheating on him even on our dates together. I told him about everything. Late night sex parties with Shawn (when I said I was working), the wickedly creative cuckolding sessions with Vic, how I slowly seduced Eric and got him and all the out of town flings and one-night hookups in between. The more I was telling it, the more I realized…I might be single after this conversation. Will all of my slutting around be as fun then?

Surprisingly, he wasn’t mad. In fact…

His cock was rock hard. He told me he loved me and he’s so humiliated hearing about his cuckolding, but wanted me to tell him more, “just stroke me while you tell me about it”. So I do – and I get more graphic the more I tell him. I tell him about their cocks, where they like to cum, whether they prefer my mouth, ass, pussy. Who I had threesomes with. Who I fucked in our bed.

Before I knew it, he was eager to get his cock inside me.

Practically begging me, telling me how much it turns him on to know that I’ve been cuckolding him for so long and that I always home back to him. It’s a very emotional expression, and he wants me on top, bearing all of my raw sexual power down onto him so he can feel that force that I’ve been generating inside me. For a while, I had just put our sex life on the back burner a bit he made me promise that from now on, I let him experience the fullness of feeling that delicious cocktail of love, lust, and humiliation. He told me his cock is mine completely, that he is mine without fail. Anything to know he was making me happy.

I had no idea Mike had a submissive streak.

Also, no idea that the jealousy and sexual deviance of cuckolding would make him want to be an active participant. He even asked if he could watch me get fucked by one guy in particular, because of his size.

So, it looks like I’ve got a lot of cocks to suck and fuck these days to keep everyone happy.

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