Cheating Sex Stories: Now I Have To Find A New Thrill!

Cheating sex stories have become a little less exciting now that my boyfriend likes being a cuckold. Dear Perverts, you know the saying – the grass is always greener on the other side? Never is it truer than when I conduct my sexual business.

No matter what I have, I want something else.


Now that I voluntarily burst my own cheating bubble and Mike is turned on by all the details…something’s missing. It doesn’t feel like cheating anymore. Cheating sex stories are selfish, impulsive and addictive. Cuckolding is exciting in its own way, but not the same way! I’m beginning to miss the secrets, the sneaking around, the adventure. I want to cheat!

Cheating sex stories are in my DNA.


That might be a little too scientific, but sometimes I feel like it was something I was made to do. Sure, one aspect of cuckolding can be denying a man pleasure, but Mike is so aroused by it all that I think I need to keep things interesting. I don’t like my behavior to be that obvious when I go out now that adrenaline rush I used to get from lying is limp now with him asking who I’m going to fuck and “I can’t wait to hear about his cock inside you”…no! That’s my cock!


So I devise a new strategy.

I decide to “stop” cheating, because I want my cheating sex stories to be mine again. So I tell Mike that I no longer want to cheat on him. On the surface, things are just as calm as they were before. But I get that little chemical rush I love from lying again – I know I’m on the right track. The excitement is back for me. I can go back to cheating and hide the scope of it all. Maybe occasionally I’ll bring him into the fold, but I’ll never him the whole iceberg again. After all, who’s in control?


Me, perverts. Always and forever. Don’t forget that.


Do you love cheating sex stories? Well, I’ve got a lot of em for you. If you’re looking for an eager slut who loves to go deep, look no further than here. Cheating phone sex is another one of my specialties. Why? I understand the excitement when you do a naughty thing, just for you…

Phone Sex Kingdom!