Cuckolding my Dear Perverts!

You know, I’ve always been very sexual, but my true calling as a cuckold mistress wasn’t revealed until I was a little bit older. Cuckolding was my true calling, but not on purpose at first. I’ve just always been the kind of girl that gets lots of attention from all kinds of men, from the worthy to the very unworthy (and you know who you are!). But as you know, I can’t keep my pussy to just one man…and I have one wimpy playmate who just LOVES to watch me get plowed by young hot studs…


Wimpy Scotty likes to watch, but he also LOVES to help…


My newest 20-year-old boy toy’s nickname is Buck, and Buck loves to cuck! Tall, muscular, he’s got a nice big fat cock. Scotty the wimp just loves to worship my hot body and pamper me. He does everything he can to get Buck ready to fuck me. In particular, I love to make Scotty get on his knees and unzip Buck’s jeans for me and do a little cock comparison. This is my favorite because Scotty loves to tell me how much I deserve such a big perfect cock. He knows he’s no match for me with his tiny cock and zero stamina. But he loves watching me cum all over a far superior piece of meat! I love cuckolding; watching Scotty get down on his knees and fluff my big young stud. He does it all for me so I can get fucked as well as I deserve.


I think he loves feeling that meaty flesh in his hand and in his mouth…


Knowing what that big, superior cock is going to do inside my pussy is sometimes enough to make him shoot everywhere. Other times, he likes to watch how it stretches my pussy open and fucks me until I cum everywhere, like a jealous little scientist. Every stroke reminds him of what he’ll never have and it makes his little shrimp dick throb. How’d I get so lucky to find my cuckolding niche and such a perfect little wimp to encourage my craving for good cock? Every girl should try cuckolding – it gets addictive!


Ever thought of trying it, shrimp clit?


Cuckolding is one of my specialties and my true joys in life. Go ahead, be my little helper…call me for some serious tease and deny cuckold phone sex!

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