Cuckold Chronicles: My Perfect Sissy Bitch Fluffs Us Both

Dear Perverts, when you’re an insatiable slut like me, you’re bound to keep someone around who only wants to service you. I have some hot cuckold sex stories to tell about my favorite little sissy. He does anything I ask him to. Including fluff my stud for me.
Mark is the perfect cuckold: he’s sexually inferior, jealous and completely under my control. I love putting him to work to see how far I can push his limits. It turns out, he’s the filthiest, best mannered little cuckold servant a demanding slut like me can ask for! He’s always willing to do whatever he must do to please me, even if it means completely degrading and humiliating himself so that I can have the pleasure I deserve.


It is an incredible turn on to have a cuckold servant devoted to keeping me wet so I can fuck someone better than him.


Mark will get down on his knees and suck my stud’s big cock until it’s hard for me. Then he will stroke it while sticking his tongue deep in my ass, making my pussy dripping wet. His reward? He gets to watch my stud’s massive cock slide inside my pussy and beat me up with pleasure knowing none is forthcoming for him! I make sure to restrain him and keep his cock and balls locked up nice and secure so even if he was thinking about touching himself, he can’t!


My cuckold is also an excellent maid.


After my stud has made a mess of my pussy, filling me up with cum and splattering my own juices all over the place, guess who’s always around to do the cleanup duty? Why, Mark, of course! He’s great at cleanup. I make him clean us both with his tongue, but when I’m feeling extra cruel, I make my stud cum on the floor. Then I make Mark lick it up and suck my juices out of the bed sheets. Can you believe your sweet, sensual, innocent goddess could be so mean?


Do you love being a cuckold? I have just the perfect recipe for you. Want to try some hot, humiliating cuckold phone sex? The pleasure is all mine.

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