Cuckolding is something you should get used to.

Cuckolding is to be expected if you’re a little dick white boy. You don’t actually think that you could satisfy a woman like me, do you? Please, you’re only deluding yourself if you think that you could.  A woman like me deserves only the best which clearly your little shrimp dick isn’t. I’m guessing that you already know how inadequate your dick is compared to black men. I’m sure that you’ve looked around when you’ve been in a locker room or at the gym after a workout. It’s hard to miss the massive difference.

Cuckolding is really the only option for a guy like you. That’s if you hope to have any contact with a hot woman like me. You still won’t get to fuck me but at least you’ll get to be near me. You won’t ever get to sex with me so you can get that out of your head right now. If you’re a good obedient boy I might let you clean up my cream pies after I’ve been pounded by some nice big thick, black cocks.

Sit quietly in the corner until I call you over to clean up after the real man that fucked me.

If you do a very thorough job, I might even let you go and jerk off in the corner afterward. Get used to being treated like a second-class citizen because when it comes to a big black cock that’s exactly what you are. It’s so amusing to make you put your pathetic little shrimp dick right next to that massive black anaconda. I can’t help but burst out laughing, who could really? Even you have to admit how ridiculously small yours is compared to a real man like that. Of course, that should just further solidify for you exactly why you deserve to be cuckolded.

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