How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Cuckolding

I’ll be honest, I had never really heard the word “cuckolding” before I got into phone sex. It sounded familiar — maybe I half-remembered it from my Catholic grade school days. It is a biblical term, after all.


The more my callers told me about it and the more “independent research” I did, the more I realized I had been cuckolding boyfriends since the beginning of my dating/sex-having career. Who knew??

Most people cheat on a partner at some point. Compared to “most people” I’m kind of an extremist. Then there’s the whole aspect of me definitely scoring a lot higher in the overall “Complete Fucking Shamelessness” category than your average girl. So, okay, in other words: I’m a notorious “cheater.” Slutever, right?

If only I had known that SO many men would have LOVED watching me take those big cocks like the whore that I am, that SO many men would have never thought I was doing anything “wrong” or “bad.” I could have had my very own (at least slightly more consenting) cuckolded boyfriend YEARS ago!

In my defense, I do usually give boyfriends the “you know, monogamy has never really worked for me and I don’t think it ever will” speech in the beginning (which usually elicits him promising he’ll “try” to be “open-minded,” etc., etc.) but my poor boyfriends always end up trying to forget it. Even before our first time pegging. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess — at least until they do see it. Or hear it.

Either way, it happens eventually.

Don’t get me wrong, I did care about those boyfriends. Well, at one time or another. Some people might say my actions in the past have been a little “careless” when it comes to other people’s feelings. Personally, I just don’t think I was the real problem. Nope, I’m pretty sure it was that whole monogamy thing. Why pander to such a predictably sad delusion when there are SO many fish in my potential fucking (and sucking) sea??

Do you want to hear my true cuckolding stories? I could tell you all about the time my poor boyfriend drove HOURS to visit me at college and spent most of the night standing outside the door of another guy’s dorm, listening to his pretty teenage girlfriend cum over and over. I could tell you about how I fucked both of my ex-boyfriend’s best friends before we broke up right under his (clueless, pathetic) nose. Or maybe you can tell me a true life cuckolding story?

Then again, we could always invent our own cuckold role play . . . you know I’ve been fucking around again. The question is: with who? Guess you’ll have to call me to find out . . .


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke