If I was your long-distance girlfriend, our relationship would eventually include you being cuckolded.

Do you fantasize about being cuckolded? I used to think cuckolding wasn’t on my “Top Ten” list of fetishes but lately, I’ve been reconsidering. Cuckolding plays on so many complex emotions, most of them involving your feelings of (sexual) inadequacy.

Femdom phonesex doesn’t have to be 100% humiliation beginning to end. I know that may sound strange coming from a supposed “Queen Of Mean” but it’s true! I enjoy teasing and being cruel as I get pleasured by another (more “real) man, but it might be fun to involve you in the process. Up close and personal “involvement,” that is.

You’re curious about his giant cock, aren’t you?

It’s okay to want to have a “close encounter” with another cock, especially one that mesmerizes you with its sheer massiveness. You could sit on the sidelines while I hurl abusive, degrading remarks your way. Or: you could cum the FUCK over here and lick, suck my clit while he makes me squirt all over your face and mouth. It’s up to me, of course. But I do value your enthusiastic input!

Enthusiasm is a key component of being a good fluffer (i.e., cuckolded boyfriend).

Humiliation phone sex is my forte and primary passion. But that doesn’t mean I don’t see you being cuckolded (by me, of course) as a 2-D, static, set trajectory/tragedy. I see cuckolding as a “spectrum”!

Let’s role play that I’m your long-distance girlfriend and you are my adoring (yet secretly cuckold-crazed) beau. What if you came to surprise me with an unannounced visit? I think you might find that I was passing the time with bigger (and better) cocks. Can you blame me? More importantly: don’t you want to watch?

And most of all: aren’t you fucking LUCKY?

Ready to have some intimate, GFE-style cuckolded role play phone sex fun? Perfect. I’m right here, waiting to say all kinds of dirty, slutty things to you!!