Oral Sex From A Trained Cuckold Lover

I love receiving oral sex, especially when I am training a new cuckold lover. Are you the type of man who is open-minded to being trained? This alternative lifestyle of cuckolding men started at a very early age.  Daddy was my first victim and my first cuckold cum dumpster.  Most of the men in my life, followed in his footsteps.  Teasing my father with BBC was like second nature to me. Sure daddy and I played a lot when I was younger, but as I grew up he needed to learn how to share me.

My boyfriend Lucas loved watching me get fucked by other men and so did daddy. Both would watch, as I would tease men with my perfect pussy and ass. I would often humiliate Daddy and Lucas that their dicks were not big enough to please me. Often their little peckers would get a stiffy when I would remind them about their size. Since they knew they could never satisfy me I would send them out to pick a man with a huge dick to please me. Little dick men have never and will never please me. They are only good for oral sex and being a cuckold cream pie lickers. I laugh every time I hear a man say “I love oral sex and pleasing women orally.” Ding ding ding – the sign is right there in bright red lights “Little Dick Cum Dumpster Ahead!!

When I was dating Lucas, he would wait on my door step every night, like a homeless dog – waiting to be fed. That evening, I was out with Tyress, my sexy BBC fuck buddy. He was always good for a hard pussy and ass fucking. I couldn’t refuse his 13 inch black cock. He always left me satified in more ways than one.  As I arrived home, my drenched white cotton panties lingered with the scent of sex and cum. I knew Lucas could smell the scent of sex on me and he couldn’t wait to bury his face deep between my creamy thighs.  Leaving my cum filled panties on, I slipped up onto the bed and slowly spread my legs to reveal a feast of cum.  He started to beg, as he crawled up between my thighs. He couldn’t get enough of the taste of another man’s cum. The dripping cum covered his face, lips and tongue. Time after time, I would remind him how his little dick could never please me and his job would be to only service my already fucked snatch. All he wanted was to be part of my life.  If it meant him servicing my cum filled pussy – he had no objections.

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