CUCKOLD wife.  Yup! That’s what I’ve been reduced to.  I don’t know how it happened.  If memory serves me (and It ALWAYS does.), I was the one in the driver’s seat.  I was the shy, demure (SEEMING) young girl who just rode roughshod over men.  Additionally, I was used to the power of the “punanny“.  Giggle.  But, not just ANY punanny.  MINE.  That’s damn near divine! You see, my men knew the pecking order and if they didn’t, ahem…measure up…they’d be made to heel. Haha.

Then, I hooked up with HIM.  Yeah.  You know what they say about mentioning the devil out loud?  Don’t give it a name. Haha.  But, I don’t mean to imply that he was dickless.  So, let’s just say… he didn’t have the goods required to keep me on his straight and narrow.  Moreover, he was cumpletely relegated to cuckold and he seemed to relish in his newfound “position”.  How wrong I was!

Furthermore, him… having the biggest mouth ever put on a man; told a co-worker of his little dilemma and; Voila, he’d introduced him to the delights of having a cuckquean.  Where’d he dig that up?  Additionally, I came home one day to find MY mild-mannered man balls deep inside some little honey I’d never seen.  So, I started to rip BOTH their heads off when I heard a sound I’d never before heard in my home.  His booming voice…

“Don’t YOU DARE!  In the first place, I’ve taken about as much bullshit from you as I intend to! So, sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up and WAIT for ME to TELL YOU what to do!”



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