I’ve Read A cuckold Story Or Two But Here I was A Part Of One

I’ve read a cuckold story or two in my day, but never thought I’d be living one.So , I’ve been seeing this new guy for a few months now. He’s very nice and good looking, but he’s got a kink. It’s cuckold. He first brought up the idea of trying this after we’d been seeing one another for a while. And  he said the idea of watching me with another man in front of him really turned him on. He wanted to know if I’d be open to such an idea. I said I’d need to think about it.

My Fuck Buddy Was Glad To Help Out

I decided it would be fine and told him I could contact an old fuck buddy of mine. He was totally up for it and we set a night to meet up. The night he came over, he was already hard for me. My boyfriend noticed as well. He said he’d like to just sit in the chair in our bedroom and watch us play. I always liked fucking my fuck buddy, so it didn’t take us long to get back into action. He got on the bed and had me straddle him. My bare pussy sank down onto his hard shaft, my juices coating his cock. I got a rhythm going as I rocked back and forth on top, grinding my clit against his cock.

His Cuckold Fantasy Came To Life

He grabbed my ass cheeks in his hands, squeezing them as he helped glide me back and forth. I glanced back over my shoulder and saw my boyfriend watching us intensely, his cock in his hand. He was slowly teasing himself as he watched us fuck. His cuckold story come to life before his very eyes. It was like watching a live sex show I turned my attentions back to my fuck buddy, riding him hard. He grabbed my nipples and pinched them and tweaked them. Cupping my tits in his hands. They were very erect for him. I sped up my hips bucking back and forth until I exploded on his cock.

I Could Feel His Warm Tongue Slither Into Me

Then I got off him and sucked his hard cock that was coated in my wetness, tasting myself on him. And I could feel my dripping, juicy pussy dripping a bit as I sucked him off. I was then aware of my boyfriend coming up behind me and licking up the drippings. He was licking the cum of my fuck buddy up out of my pussy, and loving every second of it. I got up on my knees to give him better access. I could feel his warm tongue slither into me and take out more cum. And I continued to suck my lover off, drooling over his hard shaft. He was groaning with pleasure. And he always loved to cum in my mouth more than anywhere else.

He Jacked Off As He Watched

Once my pussy was licked out of every drop of cum, my boyfriend went back to his chair. He continued to masturbate as he watched us. I soon had a mouthful of his cum and swallowed it. He got me on all fours and was hard again pretty quickly and entered me from behind this time. I loved how his large cock stretched me out. My boyfriend approached the bed once more and he crawled underneath me. He started to lick my clit as I was getting fucked. I adored the sensation of being licked and fucked at the same time.

We Will Definitely Try This Again

He took my lovers cock out of my pussy and licked it a few times. Then he popped it back inside of me. He placed his mouth back over my pussy and sucked my clit like a little cock. I soon gushed on his face as I came yet again. My lover announced he was going to cum. My boyfriend took his cock out of my pussy. He placed that cock in his mouth to receive the torrent of hot cum. He gulped down that salty load and squirted himself as he did.

Then  he licked the cock clean and said this was the best cuckold story he’d ever been a part of. My fuck buddy soon left and said he’d had fun and would be open to doing this again soon. My boyfriend had a silly grin on his face the rest of the night. I was physically spent, it had been a very hot evening. I look forward to the next time.

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