In retrospect, I am not surprised I have so many cuckold stories about my ex-boyfriend, Jake.

Always the insecure man, he often told me about various cuckold stories of other friends in the group. Practically, he wanted me to cheat on him. The guy sleeping with all these girlfriends’ name was Otto, who had a big dick and an even better tongue. I hadn’t met Otto yet, but the way Jake acted in the bedroom– simpering, unsatisfying, apologizing– meant Otto and me were going to be on the best of terms.

Otto and I met at my boyfriend’s birthday party. He’d come around for the first time, and he was one hell of a smooth operator. Given how much Jake tried to separate Otto and me during his birthday dinner and games, I knew exactly what was going through Jake’s mind. Jake knew if I met Otto, I would be fucked by a real man and I’d realize how worthless Jake was. But as Otto managed to stand next to me while my boyfriend ignored me in favor of Mario Kart, I didn’t mind so much.

Otto and I tiptoed up the stairs, falling into Jake and my bed. His mouth bit my neck, giving me very visible hickies as he marked me up. My legs wrapped around his waist as he bit on my nipples, shoving my dress down around my breasts. His cock ground against my wet pussy. I moved my dress upwards, letting him feel how wet I was– without panties.

Never before had such a man fucked me.

He was pure dominance, all alpha. He rammed into my pussy and took what he wanted. I’d never been used so thoroughly in my life. He pounded and pounded into me, finally cumming with a loud grunt, and I shuddered as he filled me with his cum. We’d forgotten to use a condom.

“So what, dude?” Otto’s voice didn’t even sound defensive.

Confused I turned to see who he was talking to. Jake stood in the doorway, his face bright red and his cock hard and tented in his pants. The wet spot on his shorts let me know how much he’d enjoyed his birthday show.


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