Are you ready for part 2  of Cuckold Sex Stories: She deserves better dick?  I know you have been waiting to hear all the naughty details of what happened after I got that sexy dick deprived wife of yours back to my place.   If this is your first read of this naughty tale, you should start with part 1 to see how we got to the naughty place we are at right now.  

So if you remember we had had a pretty wild night with the girls.  I had promised to get your wife home safe and sound. However, not wanting the fun to end we decided to take a detour to my house.   Especially after running my fingers over her wet cunt I knew that I needed to make sure that she got some good dick tonight. So I decided to call my Big Black Cock stallion friend to meet us at my house. He is always down for a hot fuck, he assured me that he would be there in about an hour. I made sure to tell him to bring a friend or two and I knew he would not disappoint. 

After reaching my house!

 We both agreed that she needed to give you (her husband) a call and let you know that she was ok.  We didn’t want you panicking and worried. She calls and you answer on the first ring. You had already received a call from your sister saying how your wife had such a good time without you.  She made sure to throw in your face how sexy your wife looked shaking her ass all night. Also teasing about the fact that all the girls now know about that small penis of yours. Your sister while telling you all about the night was laughing uncontrollably at your expense. You try to shake it off, chalking it up to her being super drunk. 

Frustrated and embarrassed you ask if your wife was still there. Your sister teases you a little more before confirming that your wife had already left and should be home shortly. As you are talking with her, the other line beeps and it’s your wife.  Quickly cutting your sister off you click over. “Hey baby!”, you answer. The excitement in your voice is adorable. However, she is quick with her response to you. “ Hey, just wanted you to know that I am with Mallory, I am staying at her house tonight”   Before you could even respond you hear the doorbell ringing in the background. You began to listen more intently and you hear at least 2 different male voices.

Time for the cuckold sex stories to began!

You call out to her, “Baby, who is that?”  She doesn’t answer you right away instead, yet she is replying back to the people in the background. After answering them she says, “Honey, I have to go.  We have company!” You are more than puzzled so you ask, “ Company? What Company?” However, the phone goes dead before she can give you an answer.   Holding your phone in your hand thinking maybe the call dropped. When she doesn’t call back after 20 min you call her several times each time the phone goes to voicemail.   Finally, after about 45 minutes she shoots you a text that says, “Your cuckold sex stories start today!!” Panicked, you start to call repeatedly back to back. However, each call went unanswered and straight to voicemail for hours.  

The big black cock had arrived and she was ready to get fucked like a whore!

While you are home wondering exactly what your wife is getting into, she is on her knees with 2 big black cocks being stuffed in that hungry cock sucking mouth of hers.  She is loving every minute of it. One of them comes around to the back of her and starts to fuck her pussy and she can’t believe how good it feels. Not wanting you to worry too much, I snap a few pics of her getting pounded and send them to you.  “OMG!” is your reply back. You continue to try to call until mid-morning with no response. It’s at least 1 o’clock in the afternoon before I pack your wife up in an uber and send her home without a shower. She walked in the door looking and smelling like a whore.  What do you do? You know she deserves bigger and better dick and now she had it. All you want now is to taste the sweet creampie that she bought home.  

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