Cuckold sex stories have definitely been on mind lately.   Especially since I have been hanging out with that beautiful wife of yours.  I am sure you can’t help but notice that she has been hanging with her girlfriends more and more.  Staying out so late that sometimes the sun is rising as you hear her coming through the front door.  We both know what you are afraid of. Of course, you have every reason to fear. You have always known that your cock has never and will never be enough to please her.  The truth is, she used to be faithful. She used to be comfortable with just getting that pathetic cock you used to give her. But things have changed now! By coming into your wife’s life I have turned her into a cum slut of huge proportion and I can not wait to tell you all about it.

You want to know: How did this start?

That’s a great question and believe me I can not wait to tell you every detail.  Do you remember that weekend your sister had her bachelorette party? If you can think back to that night. You dropped your wife at your sister’s house with a pair of jeans and a sweater.  She looked cute but totally out of place. The girls and I were dressed for sin and I knew for a fact that we couldn’t have her going out with us looking like a soccer mom on a date.   We went into the closet and found her the shortest and sexiest dress to show off her banging body, even she couldn’t believe how fucking smoking she was. After a little make up it was like a new woman has emerged and you could tell she felt good.  

After a few drinks and a little pot to loosen her up she was fitting right in with the sexy girls of the group.   We began to share good dick stories and some of the girls even pulled out their phones to share dick pics that have been sent by well-hung stallions.  Your wife was practically drooling and confided that she has never seen anything so big. We laughed hysterically when your sister confirmed that it was true that you had always had the smallest dick in the family.  She said of all her brothers you were closer to the sisters. I laughed, but this was serious. Sure you are a good husband and take care of her financially. However, she was being deprived of what she really needed and that was good hard fucking.

Time to give her the cuckold sex stories that she needs!

After a few stiff drinks and a few joints, she was nice and pliable.   Your wife had come out of that shy shell at the club. No longer was she standing in the corner. After shot number 3 she was giving out hot sultry lap dances like she was a stripper in a former life.  I watched the way she allowed them to rub their big hard dicks up and down her round ass and she was loving it every minute of it. I knew by the way she allowed them to squeeze her ripe breast she was ready to start giving you cuckold sex stories that you and she both dream about.     After another one of her favorite songs went off she came and sat next to me in the VIP booth. She expressed what a good time that she was having and that she had never felt so sexy and desired. She said that we needed to do this more often. I told her to relax and that the night was still young.   

We had so much fun!

After leaving the club, the girls headed back to your sister’s house and began to leave one by one.   I told your sister that I would make sure that your wife got home safe and sound. We got in my car, drove off and began to talk about how hot she was the whole night. Sliding my hands between her legs, she was shocked but she did not resist.   Her panties were soaked when she began to tell me how hot it felt to grind on those big hard dicks, wishing she had the nerve to have slid at least one of them her cunt. The thought of going back home to your last luster cock just made her wish she for something bigger and better. Well, that night I was her fairy godmother and was in the mood the grant wishes.   Instead of taking her home for the night I took her to my place.  

I bet you can’t wait to hear all the kinky details of our wild night! Maybe you have your own idea of how you want your cuckold sex stories to end!  Stay tuned for part 2!

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