Cuckold sex stories, How I punished my loser boyfriend!

Cuckold sex stories, How I punished my loser boyfriend! My boyfriend is a fucking loser who does nothing but work and sleep, Constantly leaving a mess behind him. No matter how much I yell at him to pick up his shit this little bitch does nothing! So I had the perfect Idea to get back at him. One day I decided that I had enough of his constant disrespect so I called up one of my friends with a BBC that has been dying to fuck my tight cunt. If you like cuckold you are gunna love my plot for revenge!

At about 3:00 pm, It is around the time that my boyfriend gets home from work. So I told my friend with the big cock to be here about 2:30 pm. From the moment Jay (big cocked friend) it was on… Our clothes were off in a hurry and I couldn’t wait for what comes next. I dropped to my knees in front of that huge cock and sucked it like a pro. He was moaning so loud as he fucked my mouth hard and deep making me gag on every inch of that amazing cock. I could taste his pre-cum coating my tongue, it was so thick and salty I had to guzzle every yummy drop. That is when I heard the car lock beep… My loser boyfriend was home and I couldn’t hold back my wicked grin.

Cuckold sex stories, Let the punishment begin!

He pulled his long throbbing cock out of my mouth, His cock was so shiny from me sucking him, made things clinch tight below; making me dripping wet. Just as he was about to bend me over the bed my boyfriend walked in. He was flipping out and calling me names and I had enough it was time to put this bitch in his place!

“Sit the fuck down!” I yelled in his face he was so shocked at my outburst he was utterly silent. ” I have had enough of your shit being everywhere! It’s time for you to get what is coming to you!” My voice was so bitter I could practically taste it. Jay grabbed me his cock was still throbbing hard he bent me over and said ” do you want this big cock” his voice was so thick and rough I knew he was ready.

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