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Brandon’s married to a bicurious little slut and for ages, she’s been telling me Cuckold Sex Stories about him.

She’s been wanting to cuckold him with another woman. He’s taken her to bars, watched her flirt with sexy women, and even let her put him in chastity so she’s the only one who can play. The whole thing makes me so wet and when I found him online I just had to meet them!

I met Kate at a bar and totally hit it off with her. She’s hot but in a classy, confident way and we had a couple of drinks while we talked about her loser husband. She even told me a bunch of Cuckold Sex Stories about him. I was dying to meet him and he was everything I was expecting; an average horny guy who was willing to do whatever it took to make his wife happy.

 I wish I was married to him because we’d have so much fun.

He knew she was better off with women and I laughed my ass off when I saw him standing in the bedroom butt naked except for his little dick trapped in a chastity cage. What a Cuckold Sex Stories loser!

He must have been so hard and dying to jerk off but all he could do was stand in the corner like a bad boy and watch while his wife pulled me close and started kissing me. We moaned and ran our hands over each other as we started undressing each other.

 I lifted my arms up as she took off my shirt, then I helped her with her dress. I cupped her tit and squeezed it while she put her hand on my ass.  Getting really excited and wanted to feel her hot, tight body against mine so I stopped fucking around and got both of us naked in record time.

 Her tits were round and perky, with hard nipples and I rubbed one of them between my fingers. I put my other hand between her legs and slid my middle finger inside her pussy.

She was wet and I wiggled my finger around as she slowly rocked on my hand.

 I could hear Brandon making little noises but I ignored him as we walked towards the bed. I kept my hand shoved against her pussy as she crawled back on the bed and I followed her.

 Leaning over her I kissed her for ages while fingering her and my hand got slippery with all the juices she was gushing. I slid my hand out and made her lick my finger clean. She flicked her tongue over it and I moaned as I told her how sexy she looked.

 Then I dipped my finger in her again to get a taste of my own.

Sticking my finger in his mouth and watching him taste his own wife on my fingers drove me fucking wild.  Seeing him sucking on it while softly moaning and running my other between her lips for another finger fuck before I find her spot. I can feel her muscles tensing as I wiggle my fingers back between her lips and she tried to squeeze her legs together.  She was horny as fuck and I knew it. Taking complete advantage of this I held her legs open as I got between them. Now I have to taste it. She tried to close them, but she wanted so bad to let go…and she finally didI have to taste her sweet, young pussy while she looks her husband in the eye.

 I looked at her soaking wet pussy and could feel Brandon’s eyes burning into me as I licked her outer lips.

 She shivered and I shoved my tongue into her, licking her slowly and deeply as her juices filled my mouth. Her hands grabbed my long hair as I pushed a finger into her and pumped while teasing her swollen clit, her body writhing under me.

Swirling my tongue over it as spit and juices slid down my chin. This was so fucking sloppy wet

I rubbed her clit faster and faster until she let out a loud gasp and jerked as she came hard. I watched her clit pulsate for 3 minutes…kissing it softly…never allowing her husband even one touch. I snuggled up to her sweaty body when her clit calmed down and told her I can’t wait to see what our next adventure is going to be.

Cuckold sex stories

So hot and I stroked her hair and fondled her tits while her poor husband sat there with nothing to do. Oh well, Fuck him. Who needs him.

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