Hehe! The secret is out! When you call me up you’re wondering “Is she really fucking herself or is she faking it?” Baby, I get so turned on that I need to do something! You make my pussy drip. It needs to be touched. I get so excited when I hear the phone ring and my nipples get hard. I am ready for you and I need you!


You make me so excited. My smooth and silky pussy starts getting wet and my clit twitches for you! I wait for your call and as soon as it happens, I couldn’t be happier. I want to please you and make you cum so hard. But, you always ask if I am really cumming with you. Oh, baby. If only you could be right here with me.

I hear you stroking that hard cock and grunting for me. My nipples grow hard and I have to tease them a little. Then I trail all the way down to my panties. You make me rub my pussy. And my panties are soaking wet because of you! Mmm, I fucking love it!

You listen to me as I slip a finger or two inside my tight cunt. So slippery! I spread my legs far and start to finger myself. You tell me what you want to do to me and I bite my lip. Oh god, baby, tell me more! I close my eyes and listen to you tell me how you slide that hard cock up against my wet pussy lips.

You slip your dick inside of me and I pretend my fingers are you. I finger fuck myself harder and deeper. You tell me how you want to have me on my hands and knees as you grab my hips. Then you want to grab my hair and start pulling. I start moaning louder!

I love thinking about that hard cock deep inside my little pussy. So, I finger fuck harder! You tell me how you’re gripping my hair harder and thrusting hard into my slippery cunt. Oh fuck, yes! I start bucking my hips as you get closer to cumming.

You tell me how you want to shoot your load into my pussy. I bring my hips up, still fingering. You start to get closer to cumming. Your breathing changes. You start moaning and grunting more. I finger harder and harder! Then we both explode and cum all over the place.

My bed sheets are covered in my cum, I wish you were here to lick up my pussy and sheets. And I wish I could swallow all of your yummy cum. Mmm! I fucking love this, you want to call me back for more on another day. I smile and say goodbye and wait for you to call me back for more fun.

Phone Sex