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Cuckold sex stories all involve a poor little white boy who just can’t compete. My favorite ones are always about the same guy! This little cocksucker that just wants to watch me take it hard. Usually, my cravings are always for the exotic cocks. I could get any normal big black cock any day of the week. All my fuck buddies in school were black, so trust me, there is no shortage of that! And I love it too, it’s not like I’m getting sick of it anytime soon. But I love seeing the look on my cock-loving faggot‘s face when I make him watch me take an exotic cock. I’m talking African, Jamaican, Haitian cock! All kinds, from all different places. He gets to watch starry-eyed as I take creampie after creampie, and sometimes I think he gets jealous and wants to snag them right from me!

The little cocksucker has to wait.

I’ll go on and on about all the cuckold sex stories he loves to hear, and I know he’s hanging on every word. He loves to know I’m teasing him with the details, telling him what I’d wear, how I’d get them to come over. I think I’ve seen his jaw drop when I tempt him about how long he might have to wait before he gets a taste of their cum. After I’ve been taking so much exotic black cock, it’s time to hand it over to him and let him clean up the mess! I always work up to it one way or another, because that’s the end-goal. I’ll have my fill of all the exotic black cocks I can handle. After that, the spoils are all his to lick up. Of course, that’s his favorite part: the cum eating.

Come play with me.

Taboo Phone sex with Kali

Latina phone sex is my specialty, baby. Come play with a little seductress that knows how to tease..