I love feeding my cum eating slut.

My cum eating slut puppy doesn’t know what to do with himself when I bring him home some leftovers. He knows he can’t control me, so of course I get to go out to every party I hear about. I even get a free pass to visit those old college fuckbuddies that I love to play with. But the hidden treat here is that after I’ve had a fun night of fucking around, switching positions, and getting myself into threesomes, I get to come home and prepare his dinner. Prepare, as in, I strip down to my sexy little cum-stained lingerie and climb into bed with him. Sometimes he’s even asleep and I get the thrill of climbing over his face. Then he gets the fun of me waking him up with a little dribble of cum right on his lips.

He even sleeps with his mouth open sometimes and gets it right on his tongue!

The little slut likes being a few steps ahead of  me and preparing for all the juicy cum he’ll get to drink. He’ll have those leftovers for his midnight snack, sometimes it even counts as his dinner. At least, if I catch him while he’s still awake. However, when he’s not agile enough with his tongue to get it all out of me, he gets to have the rest of the leftovers for breakfast. At least my cum eating slut doesn’t have to worry about missing out on protein. I make it a big part of his most important meal of the day. Sometimes instead of coming home late, I won’t come home at all, waiting until it’s bright and sunny around noon to come home and give him a full, hearty lunch out of all those juicy cum loads..

I only save it like that when I got fucked by several guys, though, and I’m sure there’s plenty of it for him to lick up.

Come play with me.

Taboo Phone sex with Kali

Fetish phone sex is my specialty, baby. Come play with a little seductress that knows how to tease..