Cuckold sex stories keep little cocks in their place

A few weeks ago I had a date with what I thought was a really great guy. We had dinner and drinks and the night was going well. I invited him back to my place and things started to get hot and heavy. I never dreamed that a date that started out so well would turn into one of my cuckold sex stories.

After making out for awhile it was time for my date and me to head to the bedroom. I got undressed and started playing with my pussy. Few things turn me on as much as seeing a man pull out his fat throbbing cock for the first time. The romance of the evening came to a screeching halt when he pulled out a little tiny 3-inch worm instead of the hard throbbing cock I was expecting. I took one look at that sorry excuse for a cock, told him to get dressed and get the fuck out of my house.

For the next two days,  the little guy kept calling me. He begged me for another chance.

He tried to convince me that he would be able to please me with his itty bitty cock. I explained to him that I am a size queen and there no way in hell that he could get me off with that little thing. After that conversation, I was certain that the little guy got the clue and had gone off to torture some other poor unsuspecting woman with his tiny clitty.

Tonight one of my favorite fuck buddies came over for a drink and to give me the big cock that I deserve after my close encounter with a small cock. Just as my fuck pulls out his 9-inch BBC, there is a knock at the door. This guy with the tiny pecker just can’t take the hint and now on my doorstep begging for an opportunity to please me somehow. At this point enough is enough. It seems like I am going to have to take drastic measures to get this guy and his pathetic weenie to go away.

I invite small cock in and tell him to sit on the sofa. I wrapped my tiny hands around my fuck buddy’s massive cock and said “This what it takes to please me you little white weirdo. Long, thick big black cock.” I pulled down my panties and made the little dick loser on my sofa watch as 9-inches of prime BBC slid into my wet cunt. The little guy begged me to stop. He begged me for a chance to prove to make me feel good, but my pussy has no use for his tiny white cock.

My pussy craves BBC.

As I bounced on glorious BBC, I told him to let me see his little cock. Red in the face and on the verge of tears, he pulled out his tiny 3-inch cock. I laughed as he used two fingers to rub his sorry excuse for a penis.  Soon, that BBC filled my pussy with hot, sticky cum. I told the little guy to come over and lick the cum out of my snatch. As he licked me clean I could tell that he was pretty close to blowing his load. I’ll let this little guy lick my pussy clean, but I don’t think he deserves the pleasure of an orgasm. Just as he was about to cum, I closed my legs and pushed him to the floor.

The explosive release he had been hoping for was turned into an anti-climatic dribble. I sent the little guy home sad and sticky. This whole thing started as a disappointing date but ended with more cuckold sex stories to add to my collection.

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