Cuckold Learns of the Family Tradition

I thought it would be interesting to see things through the eyes of a cuckold –  how one views things through their eyes. So I give you the continuation in his voice; his words.

Previously from Part 5

“I’ve laid out an outfit for you in your room. Now, why don’t you go put it on and wait in your corner for me while I finish getting ready for my date! And keep those panties in your mouth until told otherwise you pathetic cuckold!”

What could a simple cuckold do? I kept the panties in my mouth until she told me otherwise.

The story continues…

When I walked into my room, I could see my wife had laid out a pair of oversized pink satin rumba panties with white lace and leg gussets. The style was more reminiscent of a satin diaper than a sexy pair of panties.

I was standing in the corner wearing my “uniform” when I heard the doorbell ring. As Bridgette passed by my room to answer the door, she grinned at me and said, “Your cucky-sitter is here my little cuckold! Stay right where you are my panty boy, and don’t move!” she commanded.

I heard the door open and wondered what was about to happen. I could hear her greeting someone but couldn’t make out what they were saying. The voice sounded female and familiar but I couldn’t quite place it. Moments later I looked through the mirror over my shoulder to see them both walking into the room.

As the other woman began to laugh loudly and to my horror, I realized it was my mother-in-law, Lauren!

“What a fucking sissy bitch!” she exclaimed as she laughed loudly. “I didn’t believe it when you told me on the phone but this is PRICELESS!”

“Turn around pussy, let Mom see the front!” ordered Bridgette.

As I turned around Lauren snorted and exclaimed, “Those are MY panties!  I wondered where they disappeared to. For a while, I thought I had left them at my date’s house the other night. “

“I have to finish getting ready for MY date,” said Bridgette as she rushed out of the room, consequently leaving me humiliated in front of her mother. Lauren sauntered up to me and inspected the cock cage holding my dicklet. She began running her fingernails across my balls, not only making my cock swell but causing me to moan into her panties. And with that swelling, those spikes lining the chastity device dug into my erection.

“My, my…” she said. “While your wife is out getting fucked by a real man, I think we’ll have some fun of our own! Doesn’t that sound scrumptious little cuckold?”

Let’s continue the story together!

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