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Would you send your jealous cheating husband sexy cuckold photos to bring him down a notch?  I know, sounds very naughty.  Just the thought of taking him down a few notches on the ego pole was the ultimate payback for my friend Diana.  Diana and her husband Brad had a less-than-idyllic marriage.  On the outside, they appeared like the all perfect happy couple.  He was rumored to be a cheating husband who would shamelessly find comfort with other women, especially when he was away on his business trips.

It was assumed that Brad took care of Diana financially so that’s why she stayed in the marriage.  Of course, Diana was far from perfect.  She made his life a living nightmare.  Hence is the theory why he went on his escapades to seek comfort outside of the marriage.  Diana couldn’t ignore the little things she started finding around the house.  She found credit card receipts for dinners more than the normal cost of a dinner for one.  Then again, it could be for a dinner meeting, right?  The phone bill had a lot of calls to a specific phone number.

Let Loose!

Diana decided she would go out and have some fun.  She met a charming alluring man at one of her favorite restaurants.  Diana admitted to me later that she was quite captivated by him.  He wore nice clothes, carried himself with confidence, and so smart.  She had no idea that the night would turn out so hot!  She went back to his hotel room with him.  Once in the room, she was in trouble.  He served drinks and found that she was becoming quite happy and aroused by his affection towards her.

Well, one thing led to another.  He seduced her slowly and with such care, it made her feel like her husband used to make her feel long ago.  She felt happy she was getting even.  Now he could feel what it was like being on the other end.  The gentleman started kissing her and gently laid Diana on the bed.  Then her phone buzzed.  She got a text from her husband.  He had come home from his trip early.  This would be such sweet revenge.  She snapped a photo of the man’s broad shoulders hiding his face.  She sent the photo to him.  He angrily texts Who is this a picture of.  She let him undress her gorgeous body.  As he ate her out, she snapped and sent the photo of his tongue delving into her wet pussy.

Finally, this Was Worth the Wait!

The gentleman undressed before Diana.  To her surprise and delight he took out a nice juicy dick, not like her husband’s.  Diana had always felt her husband was not quite good enough.  Diana shot what she would call a sexy cuckold photo of his powerful dick and sent the photo to her seething husband.  Diana’s cheating husband had enough and tried calling Diana’s cell phone a few times.  The gentleman started to fuck Diana letting his long cock fill her warm hole.  She screamed as she enjoyed the power and feel of being filled.  When the phone was finally answered the husband heard his wife moaning and her gentleman saying that she would not be home that night, and that she was getting her needs taken care of by a real man, with a real cock not just a play toy like his sickly shriveled.  Diana’s husband’s face fell crest fallen as he heard his wife screaming to fuck her harder with his big dick.

Diana’s cuckold husband knew all of this was true.  He knew he always came too fast and he wasn’t good enough to satisfy her.  He had been in essence brought back down to reality with a series of explicit cuckold photos with many more to follow in his future.  Of course, everyone has a secrets like this bi cuckold.


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