A cuck and a black cock walk into a cuckold party..

A cuckold party always sounded like a fun way to kick off the weekend – I just never thought it’d get so NAUGHTY! I love playing around with a humiliated cuck, because they’re much more submissive and ready to do what I ask. But the real fun always starts with breaking him in, and this weekend, I got to really enjoy a gangbang. My little sub came with a lot of previous contacts and big black cocks that love to play around and dominate his girlfriends.. Well, when I added his friends to mine, we decided to throw a party so that he could watch me take ALL of them! It’d been his dream to watch me take more than two cocks, and now he got to see it through.

Once the doorbell rang, it was all over.

I was already dressed down to a little purple bra and thong, and when I went to open the door, those came off almost instantly. Those guys were not waiting for anyone, specially not the little slut they wanted to fuck so badly! They bent me over the bed and instantly went at it.. One of them rubbed his cock head up against my pussy teasingly, for what seemed like hours, until I was juicy and begging for his cock. And all of this was one big cuckold party to honor my poor little sub, so he had to sit and watch as he also begged for that cock to fuck me. Once he was in.. the fun began. It was one cock after the other. I sucked, fucked, and stroked every cock there that night – all six guys. Whether they came in me, on me, or on my cuck, they all got a little crazy that night.. 😉

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