Cuckold Humiliation: A Message From The King To You, Part 2

Dear Perverts, if you’ve been reading, then you’ve probably read about The King. He’s a man who loves to feel his superiority over other men, and he loves to make a game out of it. Unfortunately, his games aren’t always nice. This week his game involves some cuckold humiliation of guess who…you.

Some of you really want to be better than the rest.


The King knows this. This week he is playing a game with me. If you call while I’m on the phone with him, he makes me spill all your secrets. I don’t tell your name, but he makes me tell him everything I know about you. What you like, how many times you call, if I am attracted to you, how long it takes you to cum…everything. He’s proud of the fact that no other man can make me do what he makes me do. He’s not just satisfied with the fantasy of being superior to every other man. He demands that it be the reality and does whatever he has to do to make his cuckold humiliation a reality.

(He wants me to add that some of you do in fact bring some real competition to the table, “not bad, not bad…I see there are a few real men in the game”)


After he’s satisfied having a laugh at you, I bet you can’t guess what he does.


Fuck my brains out? Try again. He wants to know exactly what he can do those other men can’t or won’t do. Cuckold Humiliation is one of his favorite games. He knows that sexually speaking, I have my bases covered when it comes to kink. “I know that’s not really what you need, that won’t keep you from running off to the next guy”. He wants to know what other men don’t know. If he has to control me for hours or days to figure it out, that is what he’ll do.

There’s no one else who can be who he is or do what he does and he wants to make sure of that and make sure everyone else knows it too. He isn’t afraid to use his money to justify his demands, either. The King knows what he wants (the best of everything) and he knows how to get it. He doesn’t just want to be my boyfriend. He wants the key. Meeting in real life is not his concern. The King wants to leave a lasting memory with the women he chooses. He has a whole other agenda.

He wants to cuck you all.


Who am I to stop him? He knows exactly how he wants to do it – he doesn’t practice cuckold humiliation with his cock size. He does it with his mind. But I know you pervs, you want to know about his cock, too. Some of you true cucks are probably salivating wanting to know if his cock is thick and juicy and powerful. I know you. Well, I’ve seen it. Let just say, if he had the right opportunity to put you in your place, you would be on your knees being a little sissy handmaid for your mistress and your master. But The King wants to show you financial cucks who’s boss, too.  


Sorry I couldn’t take you call. Even sorrier that I spilled your dirty little secrets to The King and he laughed at you.


He has another message for you:

“Enjoy your little 15 minute fantasies…you’ll never know what you’re missing. I know who you are, I know what you want. I’m the real thing.”


You don’t have to be The King to have hot phone sex with me. He just wants you to know your place.