Sex Slave Stories: A Message From The King To You

Dear Perverts, I bet every once in awhile you wonder, what’s up with Justice? She hung up on me! She’s not answering my calls…what did I do? Is it my breath? Nothing of the sort. There’s just this one caller…and he’s the subject of this and any other sex slave stories.


When he wants me, he does not want to share. My sex slave stories about him vary so much I won’t even bother to tell you just one. But the bottom line…he forces me to be his one and only and won’t let me talk to any other guy.


At first, it was just an hour.


Then two hours…then three. Then he started buying entire days so that I could only talk to him for hours at a time. The games he wants to play are almost never the same. He has the time to make me edge myself, torture myself, talk about anything he wants…anytime he wants. Sometimes he calls to talk at a restaurant while I wear a ball gag, unable to answer him. Other times he just calls to talk. Nothing sexual, just talking. My phone sex slave stories with him shake me. It’s not an easy job!


He “owns” me for as long as he wants whenever he wants.


So far it hasn’t been longer than a week. I do anything he asks me to, any time he wants and I’m not allowed to talk to any other men. I bet you wonder if a slut like me, who can’t even be faithful to her own boyfriend, enjoys being owned by a man who won’t let her play with other men. Well, he chose me because he knows it’s so difficult for me.


He likes that he’s the only one who can keep me away from all other men.


I only have phone sex slave stories about this one particular guy…and as you can probably guess, I’m writing this blog about him because he’s making me do it. He wants me to include a message from him to all who read this:

“I’m the real thing. I am the king.”


Best Phone Sex!