Cuckold Life For My Small Dick Boyfriend

How did he go from high-powered local celebrity to my personal cuckold? I’m sure he asks himself the same thing all the time. It started about 2 months ago when he came into the club. He was with his business man friends. All wearing expensive suits, ordering single malt scotch, aged 18 years, throwing money around, making all the other customers feel completely inadequate and ignored since the girls all flocked to the group making it rain. John was the youngest and most attractive of the bunch. Very fit, very handsome and clean-cut. His suit fit him like it was made for him (and come to find out, it actually was).

He caught my eye as I was tending the bar and stepped away from the group to come over to talk to me. He was charming and confident and determined to take me out. I said no that first night. And the second. Finally when we came in 6 nights in a row, I finally agreed to have dinner with him. We had an amazing date. John showed up at the door with roses and a beautiful diamond bracelet. We went to an expensive restaurant, had great food, great wine and wonderful conversation.

At the end of the night I got a kiss goodnight and a promise of more dates.

This went on for a while, and every date I expected to end up in bed with him but it never happened. Until last week. Last week, I finally said we have to do this or I’m done. I dragged him off my front porch into my house, threw him down on the couch and proceeded to make some naughty dreams come true! Until… I slid my hand in his pants and found out he barely had enough to classify as a penis, let alone a cock.

He blushed and stammered and I told him that was OK. We would work it out. The next night he showed up at my house, ready for a hot night of fucking me. He knocked, and I stuck my head out of my second story bedroom window and told him to come get me. I heard the door open as I lay back on the bed, smiling. I heard some rustling around which I guessed was him throwing off his clothes, then pounding footsteps on the stairs as he took them two at a time in his haste to reach me and attempt to make his cocktail weenie stretch enough to reach my pussy.

He rounded the door and stopped short. Not in awe of my naked body (well, not completely anyway) but in shock at seeing me in bed, in the arms of a big, muscular, beautiful, dark man. I grinned at John while Ronnie slid his hand down my stomach to my wet pussy. I moaned softly while John stared transfixed at the dark skin of Ronnie’s hand against my porcelain colored body. “Sit down John. That’s the last time I’ll be using your name. You are now just cuckold. or cuck.

I like you. Which is why I’m not just dumping your sorry ass for not telling me sooner that all you have in your boxers is a tic tac.

But in return for still being able to see me, you have to understand that I’ll never touch you sexually. The closest you’ll get to my pussy is sucking another guy’s load out of it. You’ll be responsible for cleaning both of us up and if the other dude wants another whole to put his big black cock in, you have two that are available.” I could see him lose color but also start breathing heavier. And I knew I had him. John was a born cuckold! He was born to be my clean up cuck.
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