Previously from Cuckold Husband Play: Alpha Bull Takes More Than I Ever Thought Possible (Pt 2)

When my senses came back online, the reality of what just happened started to slowly seep in. And as I came down from the most intense climax I had ever experienced, a devilish smile expanded across his face.  I couldn’t decide if that was a good thing or a bad thing. But I knew that both myself and my cuckold husband were going to find out with this particular cuckold husband play.

The story continues…

“You came without my permission. Everything before me is mine. This body and all its treasures – including your pleasure, as well as your punishment.”  With that, Antonio twisted me onto my stomach like I was a rag doll.  Even though I was thrashing about at this point, he held me down with just one hand pressed against the small of my back.  Panic started to settle in my mind. This isn’t what was agreed upon.

My hubby started to come to my aide, but just as he rose, Antonio turned to him. That’s when he informed him that if he gets up from his little perch, he would be introduced to punishments as well. That he now ruled the roost, and he had better accept his place in things.

My cuckold hubby sat back down, swallowed audibly, and nodded his head silently. The knowledge that he could do nothing to change the course of things bloomed inside him, as well as within me.

Antonio maneuvered my knees under me and then pulled them outward. The position left me open to his every whim. I felt his hand on my sopping and swollen pussy. Felt three fingers plunge inside me mercilessly. The pain and pleasure mixing together into one sensation.

Antonio leaned over me, his hot breath next to my ear as his almost grunted, “All mine. Mine to do whatever the fuck I want to.”

With that, he impaled me with his cock. He plundered my still spasming cunt. It was carnal; it was raw, and it was vicious. And I loved it. Even when he drew my juices up from my pussy to my virgin sphincter, pressing his thick finger inside my tight hole, I loved the sensations he was giving me.

He then added another finger to the single-digit inside my little brown star, stretching me uncomfortably now. I tried to tell him no. This was one of my hard limits. No. Anal. Sex. As I thrashed about (to no avail I might add), he actually chuckled.

“That’s right, fight me, get those juices flowing for me. It just makes it all the sweeter. Part of my claiming you is taking this sweet ass of yours, marking it, and you, mine.” Realization as to what was going to happen, whether I wanted it to or not, made my panic level spike.

I wondered when a simple cuckold husband play spun so completely out of my control?

With that, he withdrew his cock from my treacherous sopping pussy and pressed his hard cock up against my now-stretched ass.  Adding pressure, he rocked his hips back and forth pressing the head of his cock into my brown star, so there would be no doubt as to his intentions. With a guttural sound from Antonio, I felt his cock penetrate my ass, forcing my ring of muscles to grant him entry to where no one has ever gone before. The pain and shock searing the intrusion into my very soul.

It seemed the more I fought him, the harder his cock pummeled my tender sphincter. Nothing I did could dissuade his course. As I tried to claw away from him, he just kept fucking my ass. Then I felt his hand finding its way to my swollen clit. The pain and the now pleasure swirled together into one concentrated sensation.

As he continued with his onslaught, he forced an orgasm out of me so intense that it made my previous orgasm seem like a kiddy ride.

Oh my God! Did I just have the tsunami of all orgasms while he took my ass without my consent? What does that say about me? And to think, this all happened under the impotent, watchful eye of my cuckold hubby. He was hard as a rock, stroking fiercely and the sight of his cheating wife losing her anal cherry.

For better or worse, I was claimed by this alpha male. One thing was for sure, everything was going to change from here on out. Our cuckold play had become something that neither myself nor my cuckold of a husband ever expected.


So tell me, How do you see yourself in my little cuckold husband’s play story? Do you see yourself as my cuckold husband?  Getting rock hard as you watch your wife being fucked by another? A silent witness, unable to come to my aide as you watch my undoing? Or are you the alpha male, the bull that will own this slut? Giving her what she dares not ask for? Taking what you deem as yours and yours alone?

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