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A Cuckold Husband story. You’re at work it’s 12:00 on the dot, just as expected your phone rings. It’s your sweet wife Maritza who calls you daily on your lunch breaks. You call your sexy receptionist in and she takes her place under your desk.  She kneels in front of you while she begins to unzip her dress, unleashing her pretty tits. you admire her body an sexy feet. Indulging your Feet Fetish.

Everything is ready and you are finally prepared to answer your wife’s call.

“Hi Papi, ahhhhh, Hows work so far” You hear Maritza Moan. You could picture her bent over the living room sofa in nothing but her black pumps, while Javier, the young Puerto Rican pool boy is pumping his cock in and out of her tight pussy.  You love it when Maritza is having rough sex while on the phone with you. It’s the best phone sex because your hot receptionist is sucking your cock.

“You like that you fucking whore”

you say while gritting your teeth to prevent yourself from cuming so soon.  Maritza replies with “Ay si Papi, me gusto mucho!  Papi, I’m going to cum soon!  Where should Javier cum? Should he cum in my pussy Papi? Aye, I love my cuckold husband”.

“Let him cum in your pussy! Slut”

I grunt out. On the other line, I hear Javier grunt his release while my wonton wife is moaning her orgasm.

That sends me over the edge; I hold my receptionists head down firmly as my hot cum starts to shoot deep in her mouth.  My sweet little receptionist is sucking eagerly in rhythm to my thrust, swallowing my cum.

We recovered for a few seconds. My receptionist puts herself back together and exists my office. I zip up my pants. My slutty wife Maritza tells me she loves phone sex with her cuckold husband and hangs up with an I love you, Papi. And we all continue our day as usual.

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