I love feet fetish. I wonder what this movie is about, more importantly why Daddy hasn’t watched it with me. We always watch new movies together and I’m hurt.   I’m in Daddy’s room looking for my pet rabbit when I stumbled across this box under his bed. I had never seen it before and my curiosity got the best of me.

The only contents in the box where the DVD, bottle of something called LUBE and 2 magazines one titled Brother Sister Sex Story the other Cuckold Husband. Since Daddy will be home any minute now, I decide to play the video downstairs, that way when he comes in we can watch it together.

I run downstairs barefoot put the disk in the DVD player and just as I hit play daddy comes through the door. “Daddy, Come to watch this with me!” I say as I run up to him and give him a hug. “Okay mami,” he says as he picks me up and carries me to the sofa. Since Mommy isn’t home, Daddy lets me sit on his lap. Ever since I turned 15 two weeks ago, Mommy would make a big fuss if I sit on Daddy’s lap. So these moments are becoming rare and I cherish every chance I get.

All snuggled up on daddy’s lap with my feet rubbing

his leg I press play on the DVD. “FEET FETISH CUM SHOTS” fills up the screen followed by an image of a naked man’s penis being sandwiched by women’s feet.   I start to feel something hard poke my butt. I want to say its Daddy’s fingers but his hands are gripping my waist.  I’m so confused by the images on the TV that I don’t even realize it when Daddy stands up and places me on the couch.

Daddy is now kneeling before me.  Daddy has a strange expression on his face as he starts to unzip his pants. Sorry mami. Daddy takes the bottle of Lube and then pours a generous amount on my feet massaging them. My feet look slippery and shiny.  I still don’t understand what is going on until I see Daddy pull his penis out of his pants.

Daddy takes my feet and presses them together heel to heal, toe to toe.

He then places his penis in between the gap of my two feet. Daddy is rubbing his penis in between my two feet moaning. My mouth falls open as I realize Daddy is having sex with my feet. I start to feel wetness leak out of my pussy. I feel so dirty letting Daddy use me in this way but I also feel really good. On instinct, I put my hand between my legs and start to rub myself. It feels so good! Daddy sees me doing this and it drives him wild. Two more pumps and a hot gooey liquid shoots out of his penis all over my feet. Feet Fetish, that’s what my Daddy has.

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