My cuckold husband’s diary

Last night I didn’t lose my job because My Wife stepped up and Made me into a Cuckold Husband. Walking In on My Wife sitting on my bosses BBC. I was jealous and aroused at the same time. I couldn’t react. She clearly was enjoying it. I really need this job. When they moved to our bedroom and shut the door. All I could do was pace back and forth. The noises coming from My Wife were like nothing I’ve ever caused her to make. I was a bundle of emotions. I leaned my head against the door and in minutes I came in my pants.

WTF was that all about

Jax left I went in to comfort My Wife . I knew she would feel guilty about saving my job. She was a sexy slut laying there. My Wife must have felt she had to satisfy me also. Pulling out my cum covered cock She started sucking it. I fucked her pretty little face. I rubbed on her cum covered tits and  I tasted his cum on my fingers. It instantly made me cum in her mouth. It was so wrong and so hot. Then My Wife started to push me down into her freshly cum filled pussy. Turns out she knew exactly what I wanted. From the first taste, I couldn’t get enough in my mouth. She grabbed my cock and again came so fast. How will I ever satisfy her again? I knew from the moment my tongue touched her stretched out cunt my cock would never be big enough for her again.

Cuckold husband

Saving my job Save my marriage

I’ve known for some time now I could not please My Wife maybe now My Wife will actually stay with me. She can claim to be saving my job while getting the cock she needs. I can get what I’ve always wanted licking that creampie out of the hot box. I think I’ve found the perfect arrangement to make us both happy in this marriage.

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