Cuckold hubby watches and jerks his cock, as I get the pounding of a lifetime!

Cuckold hubby loves for me to set up fuck sessions with anyone. But he especially loves it when I set it up with guys that he knows, the ones that he sees every day.  Not only does he love being a cuckold, but he craves that humiliation knowing everyone in his office knows that his wife Roxy runs the show, and the best he will ever get is me squatting over him squeezing those wads of jizz into his mouth for him to eat for me.

It had been a few weeks since I’d brought someone home so I figured why not spice up a Monday night and have some fun. It strokes my ego knowing I can go out and I can pick up any guy I want. And when I tell them they get to fuck me right in front of my husband, it turns them on even more.

There is a new intern at his office, young and cocky and just what I crave.

When I was in last week I slipped him my cell number and we’d been sexting each other back and forth. Me teasing him with seductive photos, and him telling me just how good he was going to fuck me one day.  I texted him at about 9 pm telling him it was his lucky night. I wanted him to fuck me right in front of my husband while he taunted him and made me tell him how good he was. Sent him a picture of me laying in bed with just a pair of panties on. I gave him the code to the front door and told him where to find me.

It wasn’t long until he showed up wearing a black tight t-shirt and jeans looking sexy as ever. He saw my husband sitting over in the corner, wearing a pair of my panties and rubbing himself through the sheer material, and just smiled. He pulled me up off the bed roughly, facing me toward my hubby. His head resting on my shoulder he looked right at him and tweaked my nipple and shoved his other hand between my legs. Then pushing me closer to him, he grabbed my shoulders and forced me to my knees fucking my mouth hard and fast.

My husband moaned, sticking his hand inside those panties he had on, and started stroking his cock.

‘You want to watch me fuck your WIFE’, he said taunting him. He shook his head, yes, his whole body trembling as he watched. He made him get down on the ground and lay underneath me, his face directly under my pussy. I straddled him as the young stud started to pound me, letting my husband get an up-close and personal view. He looked over me and down at my husband telling him he better get used to the view of his dick taking over his wife’s pussy because he was the dominant one now.

He must have taken something because he came so many times, drenching my pussy with cum. And the cum catcher laid underneath the whole time watching it drip, catching it in his mouth and begging for more. When he finally finished he put back on his jeans and grabbed his other things, looked at my husband and told him, make sure I have coffee on my desk at 8 am, otherwise I’ll be sharing the pictures of you in your wife’s panties with the big boss upstairs. Read all the rest of my kinky sex stories on my page.

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