I am outgoing and very naughty. Sex has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Our clan is all about family-play and I love it. Now, in my marriage, John and I were into getting adventurous down the years. He is as naughty as I am or he was back in the day. We are divorced now and I love being single. Gives me time for Cuckold Granny Style!

Cuckold is one of my all-time favorite things. Experimenting with my ex was a lot of fun until I became the dominant one. He doesn’t like a strong woman, LOL. His current wife is a polite, sweet thing. I love her but she is a “yes” gal. She is good with our kids and grandkids and that is awesome. My personality is very strong and I love being in charge. Whether it is GILF Family Play or other fun.

Cuckold Granny Style is all about me getting mine and being in charge.

I fucking love it! My current fuck buddy, Zach, is not a wimp by any means and he knows who is boss. That is why we get along so well. He is also very kinky and into anything sexual. There isn’t anything he isn’t willing to try, at least once, twice if he likes it. That is why he is such a fan of cuckold granny style. He is all about enjoying dick with me, especially some big black cocks.

We love going to the swing clubs, or swapping with folks we meet online. Sharing both of the couples having no limits is amazing. Of course, like me, he loves cuckold granny style. He is into more fetishes than me and has fuck buddies all over the states. Traveling for work allows him to venture into so many different situations and that is great.

This man has a stable of fucks throughout the United States.

Our ability to share is so much fun. No jealousy and so much fucking. With cuckold granny style, he is mostly into us bringing in the BBC. Watching him suck and take those cocks is so hot. This man may give better head than me, maybe. First, he is patient and watches as I have my fun with our guests.

Once I am fully satiated he is in there cleaning up his Goddess. Then, while I watch, he steps into please our sexy big black cock guests. Most men I meet are wary at first to be with other men. The stigmas out there are still affecting them. It is a shame too. They are missing out on so much naughty fun!

Watching two men together makes my tight pussy drip!

Zach is very open-minded and ready to try the wildest of things. We were at a party and got to talking. Once we realized how much we have in common, it was game on for us. At first, we got to know each other and our sexual desires, then we ventured out and conquered the world. I am not as adventurous as Zach since he is always traveling for business.

Don’t get me wrong, when I am traveling on vacation I am all about finding the sexual experiences. I have fucked in so many places and love to share those moments. Zach lives it though, all the time. He is younger than me and has no fear. If he finds something attractive and wants it, he goes for it. I think that is why he loves granny cuckold style.

With no limits are boundaries are non-existent.

Inviting in men, women, folks of all ages makes our fun intoxicating. There are these sexy young BBC that lives in my neighborhood. The boys are always flirting with me and when Zach was here last week, those boys were flirting with both of us. I know they are young and I was hesitant but Zach handled the arrangements with them, promising it was all good.

When the guys showed up to my place I was blown away with their maturity and discretion. All four of them were very excited coming to play and their big dicks were showing that excitement. I started kissing and making out with them as they undressed me. Then I was undressing them and playing with those huge young cocks. We moved to my bed and from there it was pure ecstasy.

So much happened that day and Zach was quite a little cum whore for his goddess. Want to hear the dirty details, call me for some hot GILF phone sex and I will give them to you.

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