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One of my friends has always had a cuckold fantasy. He once asked if he could possibly hide in my closet. And watch as I fucked one of the guys I see and fuck. I laughed and asked him if he really wanted to do that? He said yes, it would turn him on so much. So, I didn’t mention this to the guy that we’d have an audience. I figured what’s the harm, so we did this a few times. And then my friend from the closet got a bit bolder and asked if he could sit in the room.  I said I’d have to ask my friend if he was going to be visible. And surprisingly he said he didn’t care. So we fucked as normal as my other friend jerked off in the corner watching.

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This all progressed over the next few months. He asked if he could help fluff the guy up first and get him hard for my pussy. And  then I said you’d have to ask him, which he did, and the other guy was bi anyway. And he didn’t mind and my closet friend proceeded to lick and suck my fuck buddies cock. He got him rock hard for my very ready and dripping pussy. It was actually kind of hot . Watching him suck on my friends cock that way and it got me quite aroused .He Helped Guide My Buddy’s Cock In My My Pussy

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He helped guide the cock inside. And sat behind us at the end of the bed as we fucked. Most of all he really liked watching up close as my pussy got fucked .And a few times he’d take the cock out of my pussy, suck it.And then slid it back inside and this was all quite hot for the three of us. I’d never had much interest in cuckold. But I knew a lot of guys were into it. And this had been fun the past few months and was getting hotter as time passed. After my friend blew his load in my pussy, I was really messy and wet and my other friend at the bottom of the bed.He wanted to lick me clean, so I laid back, legs spread wide. And let him go to town on my sloppy pussy.

After that he licked off all the cum and left me quite satisfied. He made me cum an additional time from all the licking. After that he looked over at my friend who’d been stroking his cock as he watched me get eaten out. My friend said he wanted to finish him off. And he went from between my legs to my fuck buddies and took his shaft in his mouth. And started to suck it like there was no tomorrow. He drained him again and cleaned off every residual drop of my juices that were left on his cock and balls. If this is what cuckold can be like. Count me in, it was hot having my one friend serve the two of us, I loved it and came a lot!

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