I never knew I would force a cuckold

I was a bit shocked last night when my boyfriend told me he owed a great deal of money due to some gambling debts and he was unsure what was going to happen. He had no sooner told me when there was a loud pounding at the door and he went to see who it was and this brute came in looking very angry asking about this money he was sent to collect. My boyfriend told him there was no money and he didn’t know what to do, just then I looked up and this guy that looked like a bouncer was giving me the once over , I was almost nude and I could see him just staring at me from tits to toes and he walked towards me and saying I just might do in lieu of the money.He asked me if I’d like to make a total cuckold out of my punk ass boyfriend? I had better do a good job if I knew what was good for me, he said.


cuckold princess

I looked at my boyfriend in a state of shock at the very idea. My boyfriend came over and begged me to fuck this guy and that he’d make it up to me. I was stunned he’d suggest such a thing but I really loved him and didn’t want him to get his legs broken or even worse. I said alright. The bruiser said to twist the knife a little and make it hurt even more, my boyfriend was going to have to watch the all the nasty shit he was about to do to me. I’d been in a cuckold situation before,But the guy I had cuckolded was some guy I really didn’t care about but this certainly wasn’t anything I wanted to be a part of, but I was doing what I could to help.

First I had to get down on my knees and suck his cock, looking him in the eyes as I did, though I glanced over at my boyfriend a few times and he looked alternately upset and aroused by my sucking off the man he owed money to. He felt ashamed he was not only being emasculated by having another man fuck his girlfriend, but that his woman was clearing his debt in this forced cuckold scenario.

I licked and sucked and he was very girthy and took my hair in his hands and just face fucked me and made me gag on it as my boyfriend looked on. I was then told to get on all fours and down on my elbows and ass up. I felt him fuck me from behind, he was so thick it kind of hurt,and I I cried out but I’d agreed to do this and had to get through it. I felt him stretch me open and again glanced over at my boyfriend watching. He wasn’t masturbating, but I wondered if he wanted to. My cunt became wet against my will and I could feel an orgasm welling up inside of me from this guy fucking me. He grabbed my tits and pulled me hard back onto his cock. I could feel his full balls slapping against me and hear his breathing become deeper and faster as he fucked the shit out of me and my boyfriend watched. He didn’t take long to blow his load and then look over at my boyfriend and laugh and say his debt was considered paid. I lay there catching my breath as he walked out the door and my boyfriend thanked me and said he’d somehow make it up to me.

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