We Shared Our Fantasies

One of the guys I work with and I have quite interesting conversations. We kill the time when it’s slow by talking about some of our sexual fantasies. We loved sharing sex stories I’m a bit of an exhibitionist and told him so. He said that the new black guy that works in the back looks like he’s got quite a package. I smiled and said I’d also noticed that. He asked if I’d ever had a cuckold fantasy and I admitted yes; I had. He wondered how I might feel about getting to know the black guy better and have him watch. I was agreeable to trying that, so we talked to the black guy. He was both amused and flattered to be considered for this naughty, after-hours project.

His Black Snake Was Enormous

We decided the next night after work in the conference room would work just fine. The black guy leaned back against the edge of the table and undid his pants. That black snake was enormous, the huge veins on it jumped out and I wondered if my pussy could take it all. I knelt on the floor in front of him and reached up to touch his huge dick. It was literally twitching and throbbing in my hand. I looked him right in the eye and licked the head of it. My other coworker was watching from a few feet away, rubbing his cock. I knew he was getting turned on watching me suck this guy’s big, black cock. His eyes were as wide as saucers. He was practically drooling as he watched me worship that black cock.

I Tried To Move My Lips Down Every Inch Of Him

He placed his hand on the back of my head and really shoved it down and I was gagging on it. His balls were right against my chin. This cuckold fantasy was coming together pretty well. I had a feeling with a dick his size, he likely had done things like this before. I slobbered all over his shaft and got it all wet and then licked it up and down.  And I then took his balls in my mouth as I stroked him.

I opened my mouth and tapped his huge cock on the tip of my tongue, tasting his sweet drops of pre-cum and slurping it down. I moved my lips over every single inch of that black monster. And I flicked the eye back and forth with my tongue until he groaned with delight. And I was sure I’d be rewarded with a mouthful of that cum any moment now. He had other plans for his load, though.

My Coworker’s Cock Was So Small In Comparison

He pulled the entire length of his cock out of my mouth and then spun me around and bent me over the table. I could feel my skirt being pulled up over my hips. My panties pulled down to my knees. My ass cheeks being pried apart. He spits on my asshole and put his thumb inside while his dick entered my wet cunt and he began to thrust. Fuck, he was big! The girth of him was enormous,  I looked over and my coworker was still beating his tiny in comparison cock, watching every move the black guy made on me. He grabbed me by the hips and fucked me long and hard. The conference table shook a bit with every pump of his cock into me. His big dick slipped in and out of me, stretching me open to the max.

He Ate The Entire Creampie!

I reached underneath and rubbed my clit and I knew I was going to cum soon. He thrust a few more times and shot his load into me. I felt squirt after squirt erupts within me.  He then withdrew that huge dick from my pussy. My tiny dicked coworker asked him to lay me on the table, so the black guy did. He didn’t want a precious drop of that cum to escape. And He then came over and placed my legs over each of his shoulders. He then clamped his mouth down onto my pussy and licked the cum out of me. His tongue eagerly scooped out the large load of cum beginning to seep out of me. His cuckold fantasy came to life, and it had been fun for me as well. I can now understand the appeal of the cuckold fantasy a lot more after living it.

I love it when I get to do a cuckold phone sex!

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