Cuckold Fantasy — Crushing Those Balls Until There’s Nothing Left

Cuckold fantasy tends to end at humiliation but it’s time to add in a little punishment for being such a substandard male.  After all, what good is your sack without a proper cock to go with it?  It’s not like you were using it anyway.  So let me have my fun using it as a punching back.

You start sweating as you stand with your legs spread so that your pathetic cock and balls hang freely.  I take them and tie them up tightly with a rope.  Knowing you, you’d probably do something pitiful like cum while I teach you a lesson.  With both tied up tight, I begin your daily regiment.  My fist lands 20 crushing blows into your ball sack. Yea, that’s right, 20.  That’s just the beginning, too.  I love watching that useless flesh squish and mush against my balled up hand.  I love your screams of pain anymore.  Most of all, I love the fact that you stand there and take it like a good boy.  You know you deserve every last punch.

Think about all of the times you’ve wasted someone else’s time.

Maybe you actually managed to convince some poor girl to go home with you.  But, after dropping your pants, she leaves with nothing but disappointment.  How dare you think your tiny manhood was going anywhere near any woman’s pussy.  You ought to be ashamed of yourself.  At that very moment, she could be getting fucked by a real hung stallion who can actually reach the parts of the pussy that matter.  Instead, she’s catching a cab home alone.

Remember the first time that you got what you deserved and a girl rightfully kicked you in your useless nut sack for wasting her time?  Remember how good that felt?

Are you a naughty cuckold who deserves punishment?  Call my phone sex line for extreme ball torture.