Cuckold Fantasy: Nothing will prepare you for the things you might see this holiday season

Cuckold Fantasy: Ho Ho Ho! It’s a Cuckold Christmas this year. Hot Sex Stories are one of the many festive things you might see this holiday season. Naughty bitch boys and slutty women are everywhere. With the Elf on the shelf spending the weekend at Barbie’s house. There is no one to tell Santa what you did the week before Christmas. So many dirty deeds not yet done, let me tell you about my story. It involves one of the world’s most famous little sissy cuckold boys, and the Massive Big Black cock that broke his ass. Oddly enough, we all met at the mall, in Santa’s court.
I went shopping for a gift, and what did my eyes see? A little fat cuckold playing Santa at the mall. Oh, he looked the part but I couldn’t hold back my laughter the moment I heard his voice. He sounded like a girl, yet I knew he was male. The beard was obviously real. I sorta wondered why the girl playing Mrs. Claus was flirting with some big black man. He was there with his daughter, but only had eyes for Mrs. Claus. I could see Santa ready to stroke his candy cane the moment he noticed their interaction.

Cuckold Fantasy:  All I had to tell him was that the wifey would let him fuck her

As the night came to an end, I grabbed my wallet and slipped Mrs. Claus 100 bucks to talk Santa into sticking around after hours. Getting the BBC was easier. All I had to tell him was that the wifey would let him fuck her. He sent the little one home with her mother claiming he needed to do more shopping. It’s cute how men will lie to get some free pussy.
When the mall shut down, and not a mouse could be heard, the sounds of anal penetration filled the mall. Not male on female, but it was Jolly St. Nick getting his asshole filled with a large chocolate candy cane. He was bent over the red velvet chair and dropped his baggy Santa pants to the floor. With mall security cheering the big black stud on, Father Christmas begged for that hard cock deep inside his ass. I doubt he was a virgin, though he said he was. He took all that 13-inch cock inside without lubrication. No anal virgin could have done that. Well, even I couldn’t have with all the cocks I have taken in my ass.
I just love the sound of a man getting fucked! He pushed, and shoved, and drove that sleigh home. He filled Saint Nicolas with all his fluffy white snow. Packed tight, the fat man in the red suit lost all his candy right there in the floor. I know they will need a slippery when wet sign there by morning.
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